The Underclassman All-American Game was back in action. There were four games and three different age levels. Each level featured elite talent with names we’ll be hearing downing the road.

Classic Game


Airious Bailey 6’8 185 SF/PF – 2024

“Ace” scored his 34 points in a variety of ways; in the half-court, transition, and even took advantage on multiple broken plays. He used his length and athleticism on numerous dunks when getting to the rim, hit multiple 3PT attempts, and showed plenty capability pulling up from midrange. There were a few plays where he scored after recovering his own missed shot. Bailey’s effort from start to finish combined with length, athleticism, and shooting ability made him an easy Co-MVP choice as he led the Blue team to victory.

Somtochukwu Cyril 6’10 240 C – 2024

Cyril also shared Co-MVP honors for the Blue team. Many of his points came from simply catching and finishing; sometimes from alley-oops, other times dump-offs, and many offensive rebounds. He consistently ran the floor and explodes quickly off the ground. He didn’t show much offensive ability in the post or shooting touch, but he couldn’t be stopped to score 18 points and grab 15 rebounds. Another area he stood above the rest was defense, especially as a shot blocker. His quick vertical translated on that end as well; blocking three different dunk attempts (pulling one down in mid-air), chase downs, and showing quick reaction when closing out on a jump shot to record seven blocks in the game. While still raw, as he mishandled some passes and isn’t incredibly comfortable passing on the move, his impact was felt each play he was on the floor.

Jalen Haralson 6’7 175 SG – 2025

Haralson was the second leading scorer in the game with 23 points while only missing one shot (10-11 FG). He didn’t force anything and blindly attack a set defense but filled it up in the flow of the game. He scored a lot in the paint, usually with layups as he has very good touch inside, including an and-one and caught an oop for a jam off the backboard after a steal, displaying his impressive vertical. His shot doesn’t get a lot of ball rotation, but he knocked down both of his 3PT attempts. Haralson was impressive and it’s worth noting that he played his whole freshman season as a 14-year-old.

Tre Johnson 6’5 180 PG/SG – 2024

Johnson’s a natural talent with advanced read and react ability, making something happen each time he touched the ball and finished with 19 points. He’s a very good shooter with deep range and ability to pull-up off the dribble. He can also break down the defense as a ball-handler, changing his speed and maneuvering his way through tight spaces with the ball. He made everyone around him better as well, passing with either hand and alert where his teammates are at all times. Johnson’s athleticism isn’t lacking either, with a few jams in the game, showing good body control on the finishing end of alley-oops.

Jamier Jones 6’5 175 SG/SF – 2025

Jones scored 10 points for Blue. He didn’t show a lot of variety, scoring six points on dunks and four on layups, but he showed impressive athleticism and body control throughout the game. He favored the open floor but also moved well off the ball, reading cutting opportunities and flashing in the middle when appropriate. Although we didn’t see much outside of his scoring at the rim, the freshman is an intriguing prospect.

Jaeden Mustaf 6’4 180 PG/SG – 2024

Mustaf only scored eight points in the game but didn’t lack making an impact. He had some strong takes to the rim, including an aggressive left-hand contested layup and cutting to the rim for a jam in the half-court. Where he impressed the most was his ability to react off the dribble and always knowing his passing options. He’s a smooth ball-handler and made some nice passes mid-attack.


Jason Asemota 6’9 190 SG/SF – 2024

Asemota was on fire, knocking down five 3PTers on his way to score 19 points. He let it fly with no hesitation and proper shooting mechanics. His other four points came from an open floor dunk and a transition eurostep to finish with a right-hand floater. His handle’s a bit shaky and can improve breaking down the defense, as he prefers to pull up rather than get all the way to the rim, but his jumper was on point. He’s a good athlete and has no problem finishing above the rim. Asemota earned MVP for the White team.

Jarin Stevenson 6’9 190 SF/PF – 2024

Stevenson scored inside and out. He has a smooth shooting stroke, making two 3PTers and showed ambidexterity at the rim, making a contested left-handed layup and a lefty jump-hook after an offensive rebound. The versatile forward went 4-6 from the free throw line and is a solid athlete in the open floor. Stevenson contributed with 16 points.

Jahki Howard 6’5 175 SG/SF – 2024

Howard had some impressive plays. He’s a good ball-handler and passer, showing capability out of the pick & roll and ability to distribute well in the half-court. His long arms cover good radius around him. He changes speed well with the ball and was effective as a dribble-driver. He’s a good athlete as well; throwing down a two-hand jam off a spin move, on the finishing end of an oop, and even threw down a windmill as time was expiring on his way to score 10 points.

Naasir Cunningham 6’7 180 SF – 2024

The highly acclaimed rising junior, Cunningham (pictured), hit some difficult shots, a contested layup at the rim and a one-foot contested pull-up off a screen, but he forced some shots as well and got blocked on a few occasions. He walked into a deep 3PTer in the second half, but his jumper wasn’t too consistent in this showing. Cunningham rounded out his nine points stealing an inbound to finish with a floater.

Junior Showcase

Tremayne Parker 6’1 170 PG/SG – 2023

Parker was a Co-MVP of the Junior Showcase and shot absolutely lights out with 42 points going 10-12 3PT, with range well out to the NBA 3PT line. He’s very quick and shifty with the ball, demonstrating ability to create and has plus passing ability. Another area Parker stood out was his explosive athleticism, demonstrating dunks off one or both feet. Parker’s a highly underrated player in the 2023 class but is bound to move up.

GG Jackson 6’9 210 SF/PF – 2023

Jackson moves very well and is smooth with the ball, especially at his size. He took defenders off the dribble with his ability to change speed/direction and was great finishing around the basket with either hand. His body control is advanced, and he threw down dunks jumping off either foot. He showed a nice shooting stroke as well where he knocked down two 3PTers and showed a midrange fadeaway as well. Jackson’s 26 points and 10 rebounds helped him earn Co-MVP.

Myles Colvin 6’4 180 SG – 2023 (Purdue)

Colvin contributed with 21 points. He’s got a smooth shooting stroke with sound mechanics and no wasted motion, making four 3’s. He’s got a lot of power in his lower body, showing ability to explode and good body control as his body form doesn’t break when he jumps, throwing down a windmill among other dunks. He did knock down a midrange jumper, but the majority of his scoring were dunks or 3PTers.

Rising Stars

AJ Dybansta 6’6 SG/SF – 2026

Dybansta’s a name to become familiar with. He’s very athletic and threw two-hand dunks jumping off either foot with defenders in the paint. However, he wasn’t reliant on dunking and hit contested layups with either hand as well. He was effective off the dribble with his crossover, playing at different speeds, knowing how to shift the defender where he wants to get to the rim in the half-court. His shooting from midrange, including a one-legged fadeaway, and 3PT was on display. His passing was a plus too, showing good instincts while passing out of drives and not predetermining his offense. Dybansta was the MVP of the Rising Stars game with 40 points, 17 rebounds, five assists, three blocks, and six steals.


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