"Ricky Rubio is the number one artist in Europe, he’ll end up in the Hall of Fame". Tim Shea

By Eduardo Schell
([email protected])
Source: Marca Newspaper www.marca.com

"Everybody in the NBA knows Ricky well, because we’ve been scouting him for many years now", explains an Eastern Conference NBA team scout who speaks under the condition of anonymity because Ricky Rubio (Team – DKV Joventut) is an underclassmen.

"He’s been playing at a pro level for many years now performing very well with his team in Euroleague and in the Spanish league, that happens to be a very strong one, and he showed in the Olympic final between USA and Spain that he’s ready for the NBA", says a Western Conference NBA scout team. "But there are two issues with him: his buyout and that all the scouts know him so well that now everyone is overscouting him: trying to find his weak points because everybody knows his strong ones, that are plenty. He can score be he needs to improve his long range shot", says this scout.

Tim Shea happens to be one of the people that knows Ricky Rubio best. He has studied Ricky from two standpoints: as a basketball coach and an NBA scout. Shea has recently joined Winners, the agency that represents Ricky, as consultor and advisor and speaks to our newspaper MARCA : "Ricky is the number one artist in Europe, and artists are priceless and unique. God willing he’s going to be a future NBA Hall of Famer".

The question now is "Should Ricky declare for the 2009 NBA draft or wait one more year? "Ricky is a lottery pick right now, no question about it. If he declares, he can play next year in the NBA or wait one more year playing in Spain and developing like Ginobili, Scola or Rudy Fernández did", says a Western Conference NBA scout.

Tim Shea doesn’t hesitate: "We’ve got to find the best thing for him. Whether he declares or doesn’t, it’s a decision he has to make along with his familiy. The rest of us can only advise him with what we think is best for him".

Ricky is in no rush right now. He wants to focus on his team and when the time comes, he’ll make a final decision. Meanwhile, all the NBA scouts continue to "overscout" him.


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