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Vernon Macklin 19 pts, 12 rebs

After having seen everyone play at least once, Macklin certainly seems like the best prospect so far.  He has the size, length, athleticism and is comfortable and confident making moves in the low post.  His footwork can be improved, but he has a very quick step when operating with his back to the basket, and he also shows the ability to turn to both shoulders.  He does not panic when the double team comes, instead he shows patience and uses pass-fakes to set up his attacking moves.  His jumpshot is a long way from being game ready and he is a liability at the free throw line, but his physical package and improving skill-set will make him an appealing peace come draft time.  

Matthew Bryan-Amaning 16 pts, 6 rebs, 5 stls, 2 blks

Today was a perfect example to see both the strengths and weaknesses of Amaning’s game.  His athleticism, length and ability to run the floor were on full display, and he was also able to show some glimpses of his faceup game as well as a fairly soft touch going to his right jump hook.  However, if forced to make a counter move and go to his left, his effectiveness becomes reduced dramatically. He seems off-balance when his go-to move is taken away and he does not show the skill or ability to consistently go to his secondary moves.  

Brad Wanamaker 14 pts, 5 rebs, 3 asts, 3stls

His team is 0-2 at this point, but that is certainly to no fault of Wanamaker.  With his team down near the end of the game, he almost single handedly brought them to a victory.  He had the final shot to win it, but rather than getting to the hoop he opted to try and get a foul call by getting his defender into the air.  Unfortunately there wasn’t enough contact and he missed his shot.   Using his strong body and effective first step, he was able to get into the paint and finish plays throughout the game.  He is a very unselfish player and is always looking to move the ball and give it up to the open man.  Shooting the ball off the dribble he shows a lot of confidence, and his strong balance and smooth release allow him to make contested jumpers.  He has yet to shoot a 3 from the extended arc, but it will be interesting to see how his stroke holds up from the deeper range. 


Ravern Johnson 17 pts, 7-12 fg, 3-5 3pt

His size, length, athleticism make him a very intriguing prospects.  At 6-7 and playing on the wing, Johnson was able to score his points in a variety of ways.  His jumper looked very reliable and he had no problems getting his shot off against the smaller defenders.  Around the basket, his athleticism and wingspan help him finish plays at a high level.  However, to further improve his stock, he will need to do better than 1 rebound and 0 assists.  For a guy who averaged only 3.6 rebounds and 0.8 assists in almost 35 minutes on the season, Johnson needs to prove that he can step in and contribute in categories other than just scoring.    

John Holland 23 pts, 7 rebs, 8-12 pts, 2-5 3pts

Maybe one of the more surprising performances of the week so far, Holland was able to score in a variety of ways and show his entire repertoire.  He found his rhythm early, and continued to play with a lot of confidence throughout the game.  Getting to the hoop he is able to use his length and athleticism to extend and finish over and around defenders.  His stroke looked good and he was able to knock down some shots from deep, including a pullup 3 in transition.  He is certainly a guy that deserves a more in-depth look over the last two days.

Alex Tyus 15 pts, 13 rebs, 3 blks

Tyus’ athleticism and energy around the basket are a handful for the opposing big men.  He finished the game with 8 offensive rebounds, which is a testament to his willingness to battle for every missed shot.  Unfortunately, he was not able to change any minds in respects to his low post game, nor in terms of his jump shot.  He lacks the footwork and balance, and doesn’t seem comfortable operating with his back to the basket.  His jumper is extremely flawed as he has a serious hitch in his release and he also shoots on the way down.

 Delroy James 14pts, 6 rebs, 7-15 fg

Another solid game for James, he spent the majority of his time on the perimeter and he was able to use his size and aggressiveness to get to the basket and finish.  His wide shoulders allow him to keep defenders off balance and he knows how to shield the ball when he gets into the lane.  He is a fairly tough matchup because of a slightly unorthodox lefty style but also because he can mix it up inside as well.  He still looks like more of a combo forward rather than a SF, and because his jump shot is such a liability he will have a hard time creating separation against stronger defenders who are able to play off of him.

Cam Long 15 pts, 5-9 fg

A fairly decent game for Long, he did not look to force the issue much, instead he got his shots within the flow of the offense and once again showed some nice things.  His stroke is smooth and he has the ability to shoot the ball with range.  Getting to the basket he has good footwork and is also able to complete plays using both hands.  At 6-4 he is a bit undersized on the wing, and while he is a decent athlete, it may not be enough to make up for this deficiency.

Andrew Goudelock 22 pts, 7-12 fg, 5-8 3pt

He may not have the mentality of a playmaker, and he is too small as a shooting guard, but Goudelock can most certainly score and he does not hold back.  He displayed a very aggressive approach and looked to put the defence on its heels every time he touched the ball.  His release is very quick and he has good footwork getting into his shot, which allows him to convert on high degree of difficulty shots.  Coming from small Charleston, he needs to continue to prove that he can consistently score against this level of competition.  

Gary Johnson 16 pts, 6 rebs

Using his rugged athleticism and aggressive approach, Johnson was able to put together a solid performance.  He does not have much polish in his perimeter game nor can he shoot the ball with any sort of efficiency, but in transition and on broken plays his explosiveness allows him to make things happen.

Bill Clark 21 pts, 8-11 fg, 5-6 3pt

He was on fire to start the game, going 6-6 from the field, of which at least 4 were threes.  It took the entire first half before anyone came out to contest his shot, but by then it was too late because he had done the majority of his damage.  He displayed a very smooth and well balance jumper, and the extended arc gave him no trouble at all.  Even when he was making all of his shots, he did not force the issue, but was looking to move the ball and get his teammates involved.  He is not a great athlete and struggles to create off the dribble, but if he continues to shoot the ball like he did today he will certainly improve his stock on the European market.   

Justin Hurtt 16 pts, 3-8 3pt 

The lefty from Tulsa played with a lot of confidence and showed to ability to make contested shots from deep.  He gets good elevation on his jumper and his release is very smooth.  He is undersized on the perimeter and doesn’t handle it well enough to create for himself consistently against higher level athletes.


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