22 - Wayne Ellington

6-5, 202 Shooting Guard
North Carolina Junior
10/29/87 (33 yrs)
Wynnewood, PA
High School
Episcopal Academy
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Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Francisco Garcia

Strengths: The sweet shooting guard has become one of the best shooters in this class … He has expanded his shooting repertoire, and is now lethal coming off screens, spotting up, or shooting off the dribble … He has a compact form, (keeping his elbow in tight) and a smooth release … He shoots with tremendous balance, a high arc and has an extremely soft touch … Has added a nice pull back dribble to get his defender to back off and it creates just enough space allowing him to get his shot off … Has a great understanding of how to get open, using screens, or getting to open spaces off penetration … Whether in transition or in the half court, he is very good at stopping on a dime and pulling up, while his defender is still backing off … His shooting percentages from the field have improved every year … Understands the difference between a good and bad shot, but is not afraid to take the contested ones when the situation calls … A very reliable foul shooter, especially in end game situations … Likes the uptempo game, and might be a great fit on a run and gun team …Had a big finish to his college career, coming through when he was needed … … Has a good feel for where the ball is going after a miss and is willing to get to the glass … A great team guy, comes from a winning background … He is more than willing to be a role player and could be the missing piece on a very good team …

Weaknesses: Not a great athlete, both in terms of quickness and leaping ability …He has a fairly weak and extremely light frame which gives him problems getting a shoulder by defenders and even more trouble finishing against physical opponents … Shies away from contact, and has an incredibly low number of FTAs per game at 2.9 considering he plays 30 minutes per … He’s not comfortable in traffic, puts his head down and becomes uncomfortable when the defense converges … Falls in love with the outside shot, even though his handle has improved, he still does not consistently get to the basket … A lot of his shortcomings came to the forefront last year in Orlando, where he struggled against the other NBA hopefuls, he shot a terrible percentage during the week and had trouble getting his shot off …Even though his form and stroke are ideal, his release is slightly on the slow side, which gives the defenders time to close out further, making the shot a lot more difficult … Defensively, he could be a liability, he struggles staying in front of people, and with his light frame he will have a hard time cutting off driving lanes …

Borko Popic – 5/29/2009

Strengths: A scoring machine. Pure shooter with an advanced offensive package Tremendous three point shooter who can spot up or pull up off the dribble equally effective Has a picture perfect release and excellent range on his shot Extremely quick and fluid, his ball handling ability is smooth as he spent time in high school playing both guard positions Has a tremendous first step but should look to get to the rim more often Benefits playing at UNC where his skills are showcased as well as anywhere A decent passer, but tends to look to create offense for himself first and foremost

Weaknesses: Undersized at the 2-guard position Has solid length and athleticism but nothing extraordinary making his lack of height a true liability Tends to focus more on the offensive end of the floor Lacks great defensive skills. Must develop a greater desire and focus on the defensive end of the floor His lateral foot speed and quickness are solid enough where he could develop into a quality on-ball defender Lack of body strength is also a point of focus Lack of explosiveness limits his finishing ability at the rim Needs to develop more of a killer instinct, his intensity appears to drift at times

Notes: Came into North Carolina as a consensus top 10 recruit nationally High school teammate and friend of Dukes Gerald Henderson

Aran Smith – 9/23/2007

YouTube Clip – 4/6/2009