1 - Tyreke Evans

6-5, 221 Shooting Guard
Memphis Freshman
09/19/89 (32.2 yrs)
Chester, PA
High School
American Christian
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Jamal Crawford/Larry Hughes

Strengths: An extremely smooth and talented guard … He has an incredible wingspan, with a very strong and mature body … Has proven that he is able to play as a lead guard, but his natural position seems to be as an SG (where he can still be a facilitator, but can look to score more often) … Loves playing at a fast pace, where he doesn’t have to worry about play calls but can rather create on the fly … Puts constant pressure on the opposing team with his aggressive style … Plays with an edge and cockiness that will help him succeed … Was thrown into the thick of things from the beginning and he responded with a very nice freshman campaign … Playing in a spread offense that is predicated on ISO plays, he has proven that he can break down people off the dribble and get into the lane … His vision and passing are extremely advanced, and he’s shown that he can be a reliable distributor … Possesses deceptive quickness and has a variety of crafty moves with clever footwork that allow him to get by defenders … Has a nice repertoire of counter moves, whether it’s a crossover, spin, in& out or behind the back dribble … In traffic, whether in the half court or in transition, he is very steady and comfortable with his dribble … Even though he rarely finishes above the rim, he has a great touch around the basket, and uses his body and finesse to convert on a good percentage … Defensively, he has great hands and his wingspan allows him to get deflections at a high rate …

Weaknesses: His jumpshot has shown very little progress and he continues to struggle with inconsistent shooting … Most of his shooting woes can be directly pointed at his unorthodox release … He slings the ball from behind his head, losing sight of it completely at the point of release … Must improve his midrange game, his pullup lacks rhythm, often leaving him off balance with varying results … A bit of a tweener at this point, does not have the blazing speed or quickness to play as a PG full time, and lacks the vertical explosiveness possessed by the wing players … A decent athlete with an unreliable outside shot (a combination that is not ideal for the next level), he will have to rely on his deceptiveness and crafty game off the dribble to get by defenders … Has always had the ball in his hands and been allowed to operate freely, will he be able to adapt and still be effective playing off the ball and does he know how to use screens or how to work in a traditional half court set? … Is still prone to tunnel vision, where he seems to forget about his teammates … Defensively, he is a bit lackadaisical, and while he does have long arms, because of questionable lateral quickness he will have to work extremely hard to contain the ball on the perimeter … The 3.6 TOs per game are a result of both the system he was in, and his out of control play … Needs to learn to pick his spots better, rather than attacking into traffic and getting into trouble …

Borko Popic – 5/28/2009


Strengths: An elite level talent in his age group … A natural scorer with an excellent "feel" for the offensive side of the game, can put up big numbers on any given night … Flashy. One of the most exciting players when he has the ball; the game comes very easy to him … Long arms allow him to play bigger … Extremely adept at taking opponents off the dribble. Has deceptive speed with the ability to blow by guys and get into the lane … He has good finishing ability and is able to drive and kick … A smooth ball handler with a nasty crossover … Can shoot from anywhere on the court. Streaky, but can be lethal when he’s on … Already has an NBA range from behind the arc … Can create his own shot and is excellent pulling up off the dribble … Finds the open man; runs the fast break well … Excellent penetrator. Very aggressive attacking the basket … Has the versatility to play either guard position and the potential to develop into a point guard or combo at the NBA level …

Weaknesses: Was hyped a bit out of control as a high school sophomore. From magazine covers to being called the next great thing half way through one’s high school career can cause some to lose focus … While he’s very talented, he’s got along ways to go before you could call him a sure fire NBA star … Lacks discipline. He must improve his fundamentals. Dedicate himself to becoming great and not just rely on his natural abilties … He is on a strength program but still needs to add strength to be able to finish off drives and handle physical opponents … Since at times the game is so easy for him, it seems like he lacks effort and motivation … He can be a lazy defender, does not always give great effort going after loose balls and rebounds … Hasn’t proven that he makes his teammates better or that he can take over important games during crunch time … Must develop a killer instinct Must become better at playing off the ball. He’s very good at creating with the ball in his hands, but must learn how to free himself for shots away from the ball … A very good shooter, however the mechanics on his release are a little funky. He may need to adjust his shooting form some … There’s a lot of street to his game, so he’ll likely need to tone it down some to limit turnovers and become a sound college player …

Notes: Plays AAU ball for Team Final … Similar to Derrick Rose, Evans was raised by his older brothers.

Greg Goettner – 4/13/2007

YouTube Clip – 6/9/2009

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