4 - Scottie Barnes

6-8, 225 Small Forward/Power Forward
Florida St. Freshman
07/31/01 (20.2 yrs)
West Palm Beach, FL
High School
Montverde Academy
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NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Jabari Parker/Draymond Green

Strengths: Versatility and power are the two greatest strengths of Barnes … He stands at 6’9 and attacks the rim with strength and speed like few others can at his size. He is also listed at 227 pounds, so he does not get pushed off his path very easily … He handles the ball well and can run the point as well as post up down low against bigger defenders … great passer for a combo forward … His versatility on offense is consistent with his versatility on the other end … Barnes has the lateral quickness and strength to guard every position on the court and is able to take the ball away with over two steals per 40 minutes … Plays with great energy on both ends fo the floor … He is a modern era point forward who sees the floor well and elevates above traditional big men with his size, length, and explosiveness … His 2.05 AST/TO ratio is third in the nation among power-five freshman and showcases his poise well beyond his years … He plays with a high motor in his limited minutes as he showed during his takeover against Florida at the end of the first half … Efficient scorer inside of the three-point line at 56% … Tremendous physique with toned arms and legs. has the look of an NBA player at 19 … Freakish 7’2 wingspan with big hands that help him guard any player on the floor … Can impact or take over the game on both ends of the floor, which will allow him to get valuable minutes early in his career and develop his jump shot … High-riser and electric player who can provide a spark at any time … His explosive first step allows him to get around defenders with ease and his strength allows him to maintain this extra step and get to the tin at will … He attacks the basket with both hands and can kick it out with both as well … High ceiling and top shelf potential

Weaknesses: The biggest thing holding Barnes back from a higher selection is his inconsistent jump shooting … The willingness to shoot threes is a positive, but his 30% is less than ideal … He is showing that he is more than capable of developing this shot, but inefficiency will hold him back until his perimeter game is a true threat … Not an elite athlete. Lacks great speed in the open floor. Not the most explosive and fluid of athletes, but solid … He does not have the elite ball-handling of the best point-forwards in the NBA or great three-point shooting to make up for it, but he has the tools to expand on these as he has no true faults that cannot be developed … Poor free throw shooting is not a great sign for the development of a consistent jumper as he is shooting just over 50% from the line …

Outlook: Barnes is an all-around good player in every way. He has no limitations like the three-point shooting of Ben Simmons or lack of athleticism for a player of his size and weight, which will only encourage teams to take a chance on the young 19-year-old. The development of a three-point shot and maintenance of his imposing stature give him one of the highest ceilings in this year’s draft. The high draft choice of Patrick Williams a season ago, and his subsequent success early in his career, shows that 6th men can still get drafted high and perform at the next level. It also helps that Williams also attended Florida State. The door is open for Barnes to follow right behind Williams and become a lottery pick this summer.

Notes: Measured 6’7.0” barefoot, 6’8.0” in shoes 9’0.0” standing reach, 225.4 lbs, and 7’2.75” wingspan at the 2021 NBA Draft Combine …

Derek Bast 3/10/21

NBA Comparison: Jabari Parker

Strengths: 6’8 versatile forward … Good length with a 7’2 wingspan and 9’0 standing reach … Big hands. Good frame and plays physical. Uses size advantage well … Plays with good energy … Quick off the ground and finishes above the rim. Can dribble and drive with either hand. Big strides and overs a lot of ground on drives … Efficient scorer. Averaged 14.5 points per game at 50.8% FG% over the Nike EYBL in 2018 and 18.1 points per game at 51.2% FG% in 2019. Averaged 9.8 points per game at 76% FG% at the U16 Americas Championship in 2017. Averaged 9.5 points per game at 48.9% FG% at the U17 World Cup in 2018. Averaged 9.7 points per game at 54.2% FG% at the U19 World Cup in 2019 … Unselfish. Reads and reacts well for his position. Very good passing and court vision, especially for position. Passes out of drives and on the move with either hand. Passes well out of the post and in the half-court. Shows potential as a point forward. Finished 10th over the Nike EYBL with 4.9 assists to 2 turnovers per game in 2018 and finished 5th with 6.8 assists to 2.6 turnovers per game in 2019. Averaged 2.7 assists to 0.9 turnovers per game at the U19 World Cup in 2019. Led the Pangos All-American Camp with 5.5 assists per game in 2019 … Good mobility. Versatile, fits in playing small ball/positionless basketball with his ability to play anywhere on the floor … Versatile on the defensive end as well with his ability to guard multiple positions. Shows good effort, intensity, and awareness as a defender. Active hands. Rotates and blocks shots well for position. Averaged 1.2 blocks per game over the Nike EYBL in both 2018 and 2019 … Averaged 2.4 steals per game at the U16 Americas Championship in 2017. Averaged 1.3 steals per game at the U17 World Cup in 2018. Averaged 1 steal per game at the U19 World Cup in 2019. Averaged 1.1 steals per game over the Nike EYBL in 2019 … Good rebounder on both ends. Starts the offense after grabbing defensive rebounds. Averaged 8.5 (2.5 offensive) rebounds per game over the Nike EYBL in 2018 and 8.3 (2.9 offensive) rebounds per game in 2019 …

Weaknesses: Can shoot from outside and can hit shots off the dribble but can improve consistency. Shot 25.7% 3PT% over the Nike EYBL in 2019 … Can also improve as a free throw shooter. Has a wider stance than necessary. Shot 47.4% FT% at the U17 World Cup in 2018. Shot 65.2% FT% at the U19 World Cup in 2019. Shot 67.5% FT% over the Nike EYBL in 2018 and 63.7% FT% in 2019 … Has room to improve and expand his perimeter game if he’s going to play the three at the next levels. Dribbles a bit high. Very good passer but telegraphs and gets loose at times. Averaged 2.6 turnovers per game over the Nike EYBL in 2019 … High energy but wears his emotions at times …

Notes: Barnes measured 6’6.5 barefoot, 6’8 in shoes, 210 lbs, with a 7’2 wingspan, and a 9’0 standing reach in mid 2018 … Florida State commit … Transferring to Montverde Academy for his senior year … 2019 All-EYBL: Second Team … Won Gold at the U16 Americas Championship in 2017, U17 World Cup in 2018, and U19 World Cup in 2019 …

Evan Tomes 12/12/19