15 - Samardo Samuels

6-8, 245 Power Forward
Louisville Sophomore
01/09/89 (31.7 yrs)
Newark, NJ
High School
St. Benedicts Prep
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills

NBA Comparison: Ike Diogu/Malik Rose

Strengths: A strong, wide, bulky power forward, Samuels used his physical tools in college to give himself an advantage in the post… He understands how and where to position himself, while using his strength and basketball instincts in back to the basket situations… His high awareness on the low post, along with his ability to use a variety of pump fakes contributed to an excellent 6.6 trips to the free throw line per game… Spending almost all of his time working in the post, Samuels is an efficient finisher around the rim… He grabbed almost as many offensive rebounds per game as he did defensive (although not saying much), which can be attributed more towards his post positioning, wide frame a long arms…

Weaknesses: At just 6’8, he goes from overpowering center in college to undersized power forward in the pros… He won’t be able to push people around at the next level the way he did in college… He lacks explosiveness and athleticism, and has not shown the ability to face up… he struggles putting the ball on the floor with minimal ball handling skills, while a face-up aspect of his game is not much of a threat… Although it’s been reported he can knock down jump shots in a private workout setting, his outside game was non-existent at Louisville… His lack of explosiveness and poor leaping abilities prevent him from being a presence on the defensive glass, bringing in a total of 3.8 defensive rebound per game, a weak number considering his size and strength advantage over most at the collegiate level… He lacks lateral quickness and height, limiting him to the possibility of only being able to guard players who have the same physical characteristics as himself…

Overall: Samuels has a good feel for the game in the post, and uses his body well to give himself the best possible scoring opportunity down low… He entered college as one of the top recruits in the country, however his game translates more to role player at best, providing some inside scoring and interior presence… It wouldn’t hurt for him to lose a few pounds in order to improve his agility, which would give him a better shot at being drafted earlier in the 2nd round as opposed to the end…

Jonathan Wasserman 6/22/10

Strengths: Samuels is a load to handle in the paint. He has a great offensive game where he uses ball and head fakes well to get his defender off balance. He has the strength to muscle his way around the basket. He has a nice handle for a big man, and a soft touch around the hoop.

Weaknesses: Samuels does not have an established perimeter game. He takes a lot of shots and doesnt pass the ball out of double teams well, as he can usually use his strength to get open looks at the rim or get to the free throw line. He is a little undersized for the PF position being just 68. His strength separates him from high school competition, but he has yet to prove himself at high levels of play.

Joshua Motenko – 8/17/2006

YouTube Clip – 4/9/2008

YouTube Clip – 05/27/2010

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