17 - Roko Prkacin

6-9, 225 Power Forward
Croatia International
11/26/02 (20.2 yrs)
Zagreb, Croatia
International Team
Junior ABA Liga Statistics
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills
90 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Bojan Bogdanovic

Strengths: Skilled combo forward with good size … All Around player, who can do a little bit of everything on the floor … Has point forward potential … Has a great body, with wide shoulders, long arms an very nice wingspan … Built like an ox, he will never shy away from contact, he actually seeks it out … A good athlete, with a strong core strength … A born leader, he has shown that is not afraid of the big stage … His shooting form is an asset, his high shooting release on his jump shot makes it difficult to be blocked … Has great body control and knows how to absorb contact … Can play above the rim … Has 3-level scorer potential … Very good slasher… Has a very good and long first step that helps him when he is driving to the basket … Loves to drive to the basket and finish hard at the rim … He tries to dunk everything … Can be creative at the rim and finds many ways to finish plays when he is overmatched athletically … Very good footwork in the low post, can turn from either shoulder and score, can punish miss-matches… At his best in the open floor in transition … Very good in catch and drive situations, can attack close outs… Can put the ball on the floor and create his own shot… In the last couple of years he showed some improvement in spot up and catch and shoot situations, which is essential for his development … Improved in pull ups shots the last couple of years … Good passer, with nice court vision … Versatile in pick and roll situations, can either be involved as the ball handler or the screener… Smart defender… Has decent lateral quickness … His strong body, length and high motor help him in post up defense.

Weaknesses: A tweener… He might not be quick enough to play as small forward or big enough to play as a power forward… Not an elite athlete, which can cost him at the next level if he has to play on the perimeter… There is a fear that he might have already hit a plateau physically… Hasn’t been tested at the highest level yet… Surprisingly bad free throw shooter for a player with his skillset, needs to improve dramatically… Shooting form still changes from time to time, isn’t as consistent as it should be … His shooting release is a little slow, giving his opponents time to close out on him in spot up or even in pull up situations, which can be a problem at the next level against better athletes … Remains an inconsistent 3-point shooter in spot up situations, which can limit other aspects of his game … Ball handling with his weaker (left) hand still needs some polishing if he wants to play on the perimeter … He can be too careless with the ball … Can become a ball stopper on offense when he is too focused on his shot …. He must learn to make quicker decisions … Needs some work in decision making, can be a little hasty at times … His in-between game still needs work, must improve his mid-range shot to become a bigger threat … Can suffer from tunnel vision when he is driving to the basket … He occasionally tries passes that just aren’t there, or apparently only he sees … Perimeter defense needs work, especially if he wants to play as a small forward … Doesn’t always keeps a low stance when he is defending the ball … Has problems when he has to hunt shooters around the screens …

Overall: Roko Prkacin is a natural talented combo forward with great motor and an NBA body. He has 3-level scorer potential and has all the tools to become a point forward in the future. In the “Non positional basketball era”, the Croatian prospect is really intriguing because of his skillset. For him to become the best player he can though, he will have to continue improving as a shooter …

Notes: Measured 6’7.5” barefoot, 6’9.25” in shoes 8’11.0” standing reach, 225.4 lbs, and 6’11.0” wingspan at the 2021 NBA Draft Combine …

Stefanos Makris 6/22/21