2 - Rob Gray

6-1, 185 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Houston Senior
04/03/94 (29.9 yrs)
Forest City, NC
High School
West Oaks Academy
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
85 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Peyton Siva

Strengths: Gray was a highly entertaining and exciting college player … Prolific scorer in his 3 seasons at Houston (current all-time points leader in the AAC), showing some impressive shot-making skills with a good number of ways to get his shots off … No doubt he loves having the ball in his hands … Crafty offensively, understands how to set up ways to score … Looks to aggressively attack defenders, often keeping them on their heels and off balance … Will draw fouls on jumpy defenders, and has the physical strength and body control to convert through contact better than you may expect … Loves to shoot off the dribble, and can really be lethal when he does … Shows off NBA shooting range, and an adequate amount of crossovers to create space on both deep shots as well as his arsenal of floaters and scoop shots … Though not an explosive athlete, he can get to the rim some with his decent 1st step, and convert some tough shots at the rim and finish with either hand effectively … Competitive and confident player, definitely brings energy, a feisty attitude and toughness to the court … Played very well throughout the season for a good and athletic Houston team in the AAC, but was even better during the 2018 NCAA Tournament, scoring 62 points in 2 games … Instinctive, and makes more hustle plays than you’d expect from your leading scorer too …

Weaknesses: Born in 1994, making him 24 years of age and limiting his upside … Gray, though he moderately improved in this area, is not a natural playmaker, so he has automatic position questions standing as a 6’1 scoring guard…Not a physically gifted player, and will be at an athletic disadvantage in the NBA as well…Is very ball-dominant, dribbles a lot and is never going to be in a situation in the NBA where he will be used anywhere near as much as he was in college … Can be a bit selfish, but to his credit sometimes it was necessary for his team to win … As with most “fan favorite” types of scorers, his shot selection at times can leave much to be desired…Will force some shots and gets himself into low percentage situations by sometimes being out of control off the dribble … Last resort passer, mostly looks to pass if he has no way to get his own shot…Does not project to be a more than an occasional pest on the defensive end against NBA guards…Not much of an above the rim player, would likely struggle to get to the rim and finish with any real regularity at the NBA level…OK pick and roll player and spot up shooter, but not a standout in either area…Overall efficiency is middling, with a 50% mark inside the arc and 36% 3 point percentage, with a 3 to 2 A:TO for his career…Doesn’t really fit on a team that doesnt play very up-tempo …

Overall: Gray plays with a flair, has some eye-opening production and his shot-making this past March opened a few eyes as he made a last second game-winning layup and scored 39 points (of Houston’s 67) to defeat San Diego State in the Round of 64….Gray’s a skilled and talented scoring guard, but he does have significant questions about his physical and athletic profile, his position fit and his style of play fitting on an NBA roster…He undoubtedly will be given a Summer League roster invite, and could possibly hear his name called in Round 2 by a team who falls in love with his ability to score from all over the court …

Jorrye Nixon 6/19/18