34 - Perry Ellis

6-8, 220 Power Forward
Kansas Senior
09/14/93 (28.2 yrs)
Wichita, KS
High School
Wichita Heights
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NBA Comparison: Ryan Gomes

Strengths: Solid, but not overly impressive, 6-foot-10 wingspan for his height (6-foot-8 1/4 w/shoes) … Does have the necessary strength to play physical with stretch power forwards … Took major strides as a scorer over the course of his collegiate career … Improved on his scoring efficiency (61 percent true shooting as a senior) … Is more comfortable with his jumper at this point than ever before … Has become a much improved three-point shooter over the course of his collegiate career (although his sample size isn’t that big) … Very accurate shooter from mid-range … A skilled offensive player in the post/on the block with his back to the basket … Shows great balance when making his moves in the paint … Isn’t afraid to take on post defenders one-on-one … Demonstrates great footwork and touch around the basket … His go-to move in the post is a spin move over his left shoulder followed by a jump hook … Is effective finishing off pick-and-rolls and cuts to the basket … Operates well in space…Has improved ball-handling…Has a face-up game … Very good taking slower defenders off the dribble as a straight line driver (quick first step) … Attacks his defenders hips well … Capable of penetrating from the mid-range … Ellis is a smart defender in that he always seems to rotate to the right spots on the floor (terrific positioning and slides his feet well) … Ranked fourth in adjusted defensive efficiency last season with the Jayhawks … Good anticipation skills…Has a knack for drawing charges … He shows a nice feel for the game on the defensive end and is a great team defender … Very aware help defender … Although rebounding isn’t a real strength of his, he does make an effort in this area by boxing out and creating space for his teammates to corral loose balls … Ellis is very competitive and has a great basketball IQ … A willing passer who sees the floor well although that’s not a major part of his game … Turned in the second-fastest three-quarter sprint time among all players at the NBA Draft Combine…

Weaknesses: Not sure what position he’ll be most effective at in the NBA (small forward or power forward) … Just an average athlete at best … Does not have spectacular physical tools and has a small frame (a bit of a tweener at 218 pounds) … Limited foot speed which doesn’t bode well it comes to matching up with quicker perimeter players at the next level (since he’ll most likely be a combo-forward) … Although he’s skilled in the post, he won’t overpower anyone…He’s gotten better at attacking shot-blockers and scoring over length at the rim but that has always been a struggle for him…Has to continue to show that there is more to his offensive game … His go-to moves were predictable…Defenders can make it very tough for him if they defend his left shoulder well, stop his spin, and take away air space when he catches the ball…He’s not a great creator offensively when playing on the wing … Has impressed scouts with his ability to hit the college three but questions still linger about his capability to knock down NBA threes … Can he become a threat at the next level when it comes to his spot-up shooting?…Struggles with creating after catching beyond the arc (i.e. attacking closeouts, taking multiple dribbles into the paint to get to the basket, finding open teammates) … Questions about how effective he can be as a perimeter player in the NBA, which is very important for him to improve on … Isn’t really known for his passing (averaged just 1.7 assists per 40 minutes) … Will often get tunnel vision when looking to score and doesn’t look to pass to teammates … Needs to work on not losing his confidence if he struggles with his scoring early on in a game … Lack of physical tools somewhat limits his abilities on the defensive end…Will need to figure out which position he’ll be capable of guarding on a consistent basis … Lack of foot speed, height and length will work against his effectiveness as a post defender … Needs to improve on his defensive footwork in order to become more equip of staying in front of quicker, penetrating perimeter players … Because he doesn’t have the necessary footwork in this area, he often has to give himself enough space between him and his man so that he isn’t easily beat off the dribble…As a result, he tends to allow too many open jumpers … Defensive rebounding isn’t one of his strong suits … Ellis doesn’t have the athleticism, physical tools, or leaping ability to consistently beat his opposition on the boards (off the rim or loose balls) …

Overall: Ellis found great individual successful during his four-year career as a Kansas Jayhawk. In his final three seasons, he became the focal point of the Jayhawks’ offense and didn’t fail to live up to increased expectations, earning two Big 12 All-Conference First-Team selections and a Consensus Second-Team All-American honor along the way. Off the court he took his academics very seriously as he also earned First-Team Academic Big 12 honors. The former McDonalds All-American made significant strides in his game each year after an underwhelming freshman season. As a senior, he averaged 16.9 points on 53 percent shooting and 5.8 rebounds. The Wichita, Kansas native is very skilled around the rim and has a great basketball IQ. He’s competitive on both ends of the floor, but offensively, he will need to continue to expand his game moving forward if he hopes to stick around in the NBA. Getting more comfortable playing on and defending the perimeter will go a long way toward determining what his potential is at the next level. The fact that he’s a tweener will also be a determining factor, as he seems too small to succeed as a power forward, but not athletic enough to play small forward. A lot of the success he may have will depend on favorable match-ups and if he’s used as a combo-forward in small ball lineups. As far as his draft stock, look for him to go anywhere from second round to undrafted. No matter what, he should get a chance to prove himself this summer as NBA teams will continually keep an eye out for his development.

Notes: Measured 6’8 in shoes, weighed in at 222 lbs, and sported a 6’10’’ wingspan at the 2014 Nike Skills Academy. Won 4 straight 6A High School Titles at Wichita Heights, KS. All-Big 12 Third Team 2013-14, All-Big 12 First Team 2014-15 …

Tajh Jenkins 6/16/16

Strengths: The thing that jumps out first when you watch Perry Ellis is his elite footwork around the basket …. Ellis’ high level footwork, which includes a number of pivot and spin based moves make him very effective with his back to the basket, and off the dribble … His mid range, and emerging long range jumper allow him to keep defenders honest, and render him a threat 5 feet or 20 feet away from the hoop … Ellis finished the season shooting 39% from the 3 point range, and a slow start to the year was erased after a red hot .476% three point shooting percentage over seventeen Big 12 games … Offensively he’s really a well rounded player capable of facing up, scoring with his back to the basket or putting the ball on the deck … Ellis is also a player who’s improved his athleticism over the years, and although not an elite athlete, he’s strong, has nice explosion, and very well conditioned … Ellis is a willing defender, and puts forth a great deal of effort … Not great defending on the low block, he can hold his own switching off pick and rolls, and defending away from the hoop … Also a solid rebounder, he hauled in 6.9 per game in 28.8 mpg … Perry is also a very high character player, who has clearly worked hard to improve his game and conditioning every season in college …

Weaknesses: Ellis does fit into the tweener mold … Not quite big enough to be an ideal power forward in the NBA, and there are questions as to whether he is athletic enough to play NBA small forwards … He measured just 6’8’’ in shoes, and weighs 222 lbs, with a 6’10’’ wingspan … All pretty small measurements for an NBA 4 man … He does struggle to finish over length … Often choses to go head on into double teams rather than making the smarter decision to pass to an open teammate … Perry is an improved ball handler, but to play minutes in the NBA at small forward, he’ll need to continue to hone these skills … Must work on extending his very good collegiate 3 point clip out to the NBA line …

Overall: Ellis is a high character combo forward, nearly complete on the offensive end. A savvy NCAA vet, he’s faced his fair share of players currently in the NBA over the years, and had success, but his lack of height and still evolving ball handling skills still lump him in group of players that are labeled “tweeners.” … His improved athleticism and conditioning are not jaw dropping, but are certainly acceptable when looking at an NBA forward … Despite his lack of high level physical tools, he’s a player who works hard on the defensive end, and understands team defensive schemes … 

Notes: Measured 6’8 in shoes, weighed in at 222 lbs, and sported a 6’10’’ wingspan at the 2014 Nike Skills Academy. Won 4 straight 6A High School Titles at Wichita Heights, KS. All-Big 12 Third Team 2013-14, All-Big 12 First Team 2014-15 …

Dave Ray 3/27/15