4 - Patric Young

6-10, 247 Power Forward/Center
Florida Senior
02/01/92 (29.8 yrs)
Jacksonville, FL
High School
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills
86 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Brandon Bass

Strength: Young’s best attributes are clearly on the defensive side … A great competitor, he makes it difficult for every post opponent to catch it on the block … He uses his physical dominance to not give ground to the opponents, and for physical block outs. At 6’9 , not very explosive, Young has to do his job defensively before the offensive player catches the ball and he seems to embrace this concept … He is a very good P&R defender, showing hard but also able to switch when needed … You know he is not going to get beaten without battling … The other valuable aspect of his game is the weak side defense, he has a great IQ and feeling for the game, often in the right spot for blocks or charges … He also brings to the table a lot of intangibles in terms of leadership and toughness, with a great motor for a guy of his size … His post moves are limited and finishing abilities as well, but he does have decent numbers when on the right block … Definitely can finish with contact and set great picks …

Weaknesses: The limited touch, skills and explosiveness make it tough for him to finish around the rim … his muscle bound physique gives him great strength to battle opponents on the block, but some work on flexibility (yoga?) would likely do him well … His numbers on synergy are very low in every category and he is not at the moment an offensive threat … Needs to improve his free throw percentages and build a reliable go to move, at the very least …  He will never be a scorer, but needs to improve to be at least a threat … No shooting range at all, his baskets are generally wide-open lay ups and dunks … On defense, despite being a very good defender he will pay for his short size as bigger centers can easily score over him or grab rebounds over him … Needs to work a lot in the off season and make strong improvements on his offensive game to have a good pro career …

Notes: The defensive anchor of the Florida Gators … His Marvel super hero physique is the symbol of Florida toughness, selling all that he has for his team. In the four years at Florida was incredibly consistent with numbers pretty much identical year by year. It probably didn’t develop as an offensive threat like NBA scouts would have like him to do, particularly for somebody being only 6’9, but nevertheless was a key piece of one of the strongest team in college basketball recent years.

Rick Fois 4/1/14

Strengths: Chiseled power forward with an NBA frame, burly shoulders and relatively untapped physical potential … High-level athlete with 7’1 wingspan and tremendous vertical lift … His game is currently marked by POWER and explosive finishing ability … Outright intimidating presence. Thunderous and copious dunker … Relentless rebounder with constant motor, believes every miss is his property (7.3 RPG, 1 every 3.5 minutes) … Snatches boards at their apex, often above rim level … Possesses the tools and timing to be a dynamic shot blocker (1.7 BPG) … Good agility for a 245 pounder, runs the court with a high motor and creates a numbers advantage in transition … Displays the lateral quickness to defend in space … Has the hands to corral passes amidst congestion, and is a frequent target of alley-oops … Young is showing improved passing skills as a sophomore, averaging nearly 2 assists per game … When the defense collapses, he is capable of finding the open man … A late bloomer, he is still improving. Rare combination of length/muscle + athleticism/motor …

Weaknesses: Just how far Young can take his athletic prowess remains to be seen … He’s very much a "blank slate" in the basketball sense … His offensive arsenal remains in the extremely raw stage of development … While he shows glimpses of footwork in the post, he doesn’t yet possess the comfort level to execute a move without thinking … He needs to be setup in a position to finish, or take matters into his own hands on the offensive glass … All of his points come directly around the bucket … Asked to play the 5 spot for Florida, he’s not getting a thorough opportunity to cultivate his perimeter skills … Ability to knock down an open jump shot (59% FT) and ballhandling are currently missing ingredients … He may never be much of an offensive player as his touch is below average … Overall, he’s passive offensively (7.6 FG ATT) unless he’s dunking, seemingly unsure what his game/role is … Defensively he plays with almost too much energy, often finding himself out of position and taking unnecessary risks e.g. leaving his man under the basket to step out on a non-threat penetrator. Finding a middle ground, under control tempo would suit him well … Young is obviously no stranger to the weight room as he has completely ripped his body, but he appears to have lost some flexibility and his movements appear stiff while running and making moves with the ball … Listed at 6’9 but appears to be an inch or so shorter …

Adam Ganeles 12/5/11

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  1. Physically he is a beast. I

    Physically he is a beast. I think he could stick as a rebounder, but don’t see much else. He reminds me of a slightly shorter version of Antonio Davis, but not as good. He is more like a specialist Reggie Evans in the NBA if anything.

  2. Young’s best attributes are

    Young’s best attributes are clearly on the defensive side … A great competitor, he makes it difficult for every post opponent to catch it on the block. He sees shirdi sai baba photos before start of the match and prays for team’s win.

  3. Young’s best attributes are

    Young’s best attributes are clearly on the defensive side … A great competitor, he makes it difficult for every post opponent to catch it on the block. He sees shirdi sai baba photos before start of the match and prays for team’s win.