14 - Omri Casspi

6-9, 211 Small Forward
Israel International
06/22/88 (32.3 yrs)
Rehovot, Israel
Euroleague Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Andres Nocioni/Hedo Turkoglu

Strengths: Since last year Casspi has improved his game both offensively and defensively … He attacks the basket more. On top of his scoring mentality he has became more aggressive and tough under the rim (his body has not improved that much since last year, but his game definitely has) … Very long and athletic player with excellent frame, plus leaping and slashing ability … It’s very difficult to guard him due to his size and ability to play inside/outside … Casspi will beat bigger opponents off the dribble due to his quickness and take advantage of smaller opponents by posting them up inside … Improved his shooting ability since last year; Casspi is dangerous from outside and can hit open jump-shots from 16-17 feet (he is much quicker getting his shot off) … Solid 3 point shooter who does not hesitate to shoot 3’s if he is open (45% 3PT)… His combination of skills and quick first step allows him to beat defenders off the dribble anytime … Casspi possesses great body control when driving to the basket … Good finisher under the basket 70.8 FG% (loves finishing with dunks at the rim if possible). Not afraid of contact and draws many fouls (solid free-throw shooter at 76.1 FT%). Very quick at running the transition game and beating his opponents for layups or dunks (he scored many baskets in transition this year). In rebounding, he improved going from 3.2 RPG last year to 4.6 RPG … Casspi improved his ability to box out and use his long arms when going for rebounds … His toughness and size makes him solid at the defensive end … He does a good job at the SF position and staying in front of his man … His lateral quickness is solid. Competitive player who plays with a great amount of energy every time he steps on the court …

Casspi lacks body strength for the NBA (his body has not improved since last year) … He has difficulty guarding stronger opponents in Euroleague and in the Israeli league … Has to work to improve his shooting mechanics and be a more consistent outside shooter … Not good at taking his defenders off the dribble and creating his own shots … Needs to improve as a help side defender as well as getting better in the passing lanes … Although he improved his rebounding ability, he needs to become much better … Limited passing ability; has to learn how to find teammates more … Gets criticized for being a bit of a prima donna type. Will he be willing to be a team player on the NBA level or will the desire to be a star keep him from being a succesful contributor?

Stevan Petrovic – 5/3/2009

Strengths: Athletic, runs the floor very well, good leaping ability Long arms, can throw it down almost any way Versatile, can either take it to the rim or pull up for long jump shots Good finishing touch, has a good feel for the ball Very strong at penetration, almost unstoppable Excellent mid-range shooter. Has 3 point range, with a very nice touch Strong ball handler, not afraid to run the point Loves to run, excels in the fast break A star from early childhood, well aware of things expected from him Not shy at all, knows what he’s worth Always playing with older age groups, played in the U-18 league from 14-17 and played his HS senior year with Maccabi Tel Aviv seniors Shows a high skill level having played point guard as a kid Seems exited to play at the senior level. Next year will be interesting because he’ll play outside the warm Maccabi cuddle for the first time in 4 years and a lot of eyes will be watching

Weaknesses: Appears to play for himself … Seems to have a problematic character, at the youth level he often did whatever he pleased having a number of incidents and clashes Failed to win the Israeli HS league despite being in the most talented team and ended up leaving the school after disagreements with his coach He got his youth coach fired after the team failed to win the national title Never was able to take the junior national team to any remarkable achievements and this year’s euro-championship was a real fiasco, despite Casspi’s great numbers Often shows a great deal of arrogance and ego Often not aggressive enough, even in the Israeli youth league where he was taller then 95% of the guys, and easily the most coordinated and athletic at his size Doesn’t go hard for boards, not fond of the "dirty work" on the court Settles for the outside shot too much, has a too much penetration skill and finishing touch for that Senior level experience, seriously needs floor time, does a lot of things well but still is in a need for "real" game time, unlike the garbage time he was getting in Maccabi Lacks tremendous foot speed

Sami Zelikson – 8/21/2006

YouTube Clip – 3/9/2009