52 - Myles Turner

6-11, 240 Center
Texas Freshman
03/24/96 (28.3 yrs)
Bedford, TX
High School
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NBA Comparison: Raef LaFrentz

Strengths: The thing that jumps out the most is his exceptional length and frame … Measuring 6’11.5" tall in shoes, and sporting a 7’4"; wingspan gives him elite size as an NBA power forward … While still a lean player, he wears his 243 pounds well, and has room to add weight and play at over 250 pounds without much or any projected loss in mobility or athleticism … Turner also has great hands, and a face up game giving him immense potential in the pick and roll and pick and pop heavy NBA landscape … Myles most certainly has an NBA position, and 13 games into his NCAA career, he’s really showcasing the type of shooter he is … Turner is shooting 40% from 3 point range, 44.4% on two point jumpers, and his model of efficiency translates down low as well where the young big is shooting 69.7% at the rim … It’s not often you see a guy pushing 7-feet among the conference leaders in free throw percentage, but Myles 89% clip ranks him 2nd in the Big 12, and 30th in the NCAA … Young for his class, Myles’ accomplishments and polish at just 18 years of age make him a very enticing prospect … He’s shown a great deal of creativity on the block … He’s already executing step backs jumpers, fadeaways, and shown a great feel for the offensive game very early into his collegiate career … With continued growth and polish he has the potential to be among the best shooting big men and stretch 4’s in the game … Defensively he’s no slouch either. In only 21 minutes per game, he’s leading the Big 12 in blocked shots (2.7 per game) and has emerged as a terror on the help side. He shows excellent timing and instincts to block shots, and gets off the ground quickly despite his lack of great fluidity … Also, with a reported 9’1.5" standing reach, he has the length to contest shots 1 on 1 at the NCAA and NBA level, and while his current weight isn’t conducive to pushing around NBA big men, 240 pounds is considerably larger than many young forwards have come into the league at since the 1 and done rule was implemented … Turner even shows surprising passing and decision making with a 1:1 a/to ratio, unusual for a freshman big … Scores very highly in the character and communication department. Seems wise beyond his years and should have no trouble adapting to the NBA game and staying focused …

Lacks fluidity, certainly he’s a guy who is mobile and can run the court, but his athleticism isn’t something that jumps out when you watch him … He has had some difficulties with his hips related to growth. His legs appear to be extremely stiff to the point where it appears he runs with a slight limp. Time will tell whether this is a temporary thing or he will always be a player lacking fluidity … Since he is so young, he could be one of those players who could improve his athletic ability, and flexibility with continued weight training … His lower body strength is probably of the most concern right now, as he can be pushed off the block and out of position by older, more physical NCAA players … While he’s definitely held his own in some bigger games this year, when matched against players his own size or larger from a bulk standpoint, he’s yet to really excel. In 5 games against major conference opponents, Myles has averaged 6.4 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 blocks per game which is big drop off when compared to 14.75 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 3.1 blocks per game against smaller mid major schools … There’s a lot to like about Turner, but his stats will need to be a little more reliable as he enters Big 12 play and doesn’t have the luxury of beating up on smaller schools who can’t match his size …

Overall: Turner is a very intriguing prospect due to his length, offensive foundation, and defined NBA position … At just 18 years of age, he has plenty of room to grow, and a very high ceiling … A lot of his early shortcomings, are things that can be ironed out or improved upon with experience and physical maturation … The biggest hump for him will be adjusting to the size and strength of NBA players … The fact he has such a good jump shot, and the length to help make up for defensive mistakes will aid in his transition … Not really an NBA ready guy, how well he’s able to adjust and how much he grows as a player will determine whether he’s a star or a role player, but he already has a fantastic foundation for an NBA stretch 4 at just 18 years of age …

Notes: Measured in at 6’11.5’’ in shoes, with a 7’3.75’’ wingspan, 9’1.5’’ standing reach, and weighed in at 242 pounds at the 2014 Hoop Summit. Measured 6’10 (in shoes) 223 lbs, with a 7’2 wingspan at the 2013 Nike Big Man Skills Academy … Measured 6’10, 242.5 lbs, with a 7’4 wingspan and 9’3 reach at the 2014 USA U18 tryouts …

David Ray 1/3/15

June 14, 2015 

June 15, 2013

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