7 - Mojave King

6-5, 200 Shooting Guard
G-League International
06/11/02 (21.7 yrs)
Dunedin, New Zealand
High School
Global Academy
International Team
G-League Ignite
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
88 Overall:

NBA Comparison

Strengths: Bulky shooting guard with good size… Has all the necessary tools to become a 3-and-D player at the next level… Has nice length (wingspan measured at 6-8 feet)… Physical player, not afraid of contact… Fairly good athlete… Good leaper off two feet, when he has time to gather… Has a solid first step… Moves well without the ball, with timely cuts to the basket… Knows his way around screens, can either come off straight out of them, do a curl or even be involved in Flare actions… Has nice shooting mechanics, with a quick, high shooting release… He Possesses a smooth Jump Shot, which looks effortless… Good Shooter in Spot Up actions when feet are set, especially from the corners… Knows how to space the floor and moves on the right spot to improve spacing on offense… Good at attacking close outs… Solid ball handler, can change pace and direction at a good level… Above average at filling the wings in transition… He can start the break and score an occasional coast to coast… Comfortable at attacking the basket in handoff actions… Has shown some promise in Pull Ups because he has a clean Jumper… Good rebounder for his position… Versatile defender, he could guard 1-4 in the future… Has good lateral quickness… Good on ball defender when concentrated… Knows how to use his length on defense… Good weak side defender, knows defensive rotations and can be in the right place at the right time… Can make an occasional block coming from the weakside… Can make some hustle plays and fight for 50-50 balls…

Weaknesses: Not an elite athlete… Needs a lot of work as a facilitator… Ball handling needs polishing if he wants to be able to slide down to point guard and be more versatile… A below average Pull Up shooter for now, despite his clean jumper… Decision making needs a lot of work… Prone to commit turnovers… More of a streaky shooter in Spot Ups, especially in above the break 3s… Has problems creating his own shot from stand still against athletic players… An average finisher at the rim… Has problems finishing through contact at the rim… Struggles to finish plays in the paint in traffic… Not really creative when attacking the basket… Finishing with his left hand needs work… Doesn’t really draw a lot of fouls despite his good body… Can’t create for his teammates… Average passer, more of a finisher… Bad assist/turnover ratio… Needs a lot of work in Pick and Roll actions as the ball handler… Not really a threat in Pick and Roll actions, he has never been asked to be a facilitator… He should add a floater to his game to have a counter move when attacking the basket… Suffers from tunnel vision when he drives to the basket… At times he doesn’t have a low defensive stance and gets blown by… Occasionaly loses focus on defense… Takes some risks defensively… He should add some muscle to be able to guard bigger wings

Overall: Mojave King projects to be a solid 3-and-D… He has shown a lot of promise as a shooter in Spot Up 3s (especially from the corners), knows how to move without the ball and is already a good defender… At the same time though he is still more of a streaky 3-point shooter, he is surprisingly inefficient in transition and needs work as a facilitator… If he manages to become at least a 38% 3-point shooter then everything will change. If not, then it will be really difficult for him to find a role in the NBA

Notes: Measured 6′ 3.75” barefoot, 8′ 5.00” standing reach, 200.6 lbs and a 6′ 8.00” wingspan and a 33.5 inch standing vertical and a 42′ inch max vertical at the 2023 NBA Draft Combine …

Stefanos Makris