16 - Miroslav Raduljica

6-11, 240 Center
Serbia International
01/05/88 (32.7 yrs)
Beograd, Serbia
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills
87 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Michael Doleac

Strengths: A classic back to the basket center with good size and a wide frame … He has added plenty of strength and is now a physical force inside … Has continued to develop and polish his game, showing great improvements over the last couple years … Uses his body and mass to establish good low post position …He makes strong and confident moves, and looks to finish hard at the basket … Using his frame and wide shoulders, he absorbs contact and is able to keep body control and complete plays … Likes to play physically and is not afraid of mixing it up … Shows a soft touch inside and is able to comfortably turn to both shoulders … His right handed mini hook is his go to move and he converts it at a high percentage even against a well set defender … Also has an effective drop step, feeling out his man and spinning off the contact … He is very patient in the post, surveying the court before putting the ball down and attacking … His footwork is solid and he is capable of making counter moves when he gets cut off …  Shows a nice variety of lowpost moves … Has become a confident spot up shooter, showing the ability to knock down jumpers from midrange … Uses a nice turnaround jumper, which he is able to make off balance and with a hand in his face … Gets to the foul line and converts at a very good percentage for a big … His body and mass allow him to clear space and grab rebounds on both ends of the floor … Very unselfish player, he rarely forces bad shots and looks to get his teammates involved with very solid passing skills …

Weaknesses: He is a very limited athlete and does not have great agility … Has put on too much weight and it has made his mobility (or lack thereof) an issue …  He does not get off the ground well and he has problems against longer and better athletes … Defensively he leaves you wanting more, as he does not block or change many shots inside, but he also struggles moving his feet and staying infront of his man … Defending the pick&roll is a problem, as he often stays inside the paint and gives up open looks for the opposition … His 2nd jump is extremely slow and often times he will get outrebounded by much smaller players … Needs to become a more focused and controlled player, he has frequent games where he is a non factor as a scorer or on the glass … His inconsistency has a close correlation to his attitude and approach – he allows the opposition and the crowd to get into his head and he does not perform well under circumstances when things aren’t going his way …

Borko Popic – 05/21/2010

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Strengths: Has the physical attributes to be an NBA player Raduljica’s a skilled and mobile player with effective moves on the low-post and a high basketball IQ Has a good offensive understanding, doing a good job of finding teammates when the defense collapses … When he puts his mind to it, he can be highly effective on the offensive end … Likes using his right hand baby-hook shot; and can finish with both hands around the basket Shows solid body control while finishing around the rim Raduljica can also hit mid-range jumpers with very good accuracy Will step out and knock down 15-18 feet jumpers any time he can He is capable of putting the ball on the floor and beating his defender of the dribble He is a decent rebounder; positioning himself well for rebounds due to his body Raduljica possesses excellent footwork on post moves and positioning for rebounds Solid defender; his strength helps him battle against opponents in the paint Runs the court fairly well Good in transition Raduljica has a lot of potential to develop into a solid player

Weaknesses: Lack of aggressiveness … Appears to be afraid of contact and attacking the rim Not very stable or consistent defensively Struggles offensively against bigger and stronger opponents. Still need to get stronger and tougher Has to become a more consistent all around player Lack of experience is evident He has to learn how to focus on the court because if he makes one mistake in the game it will inevitably lead to another

Stevan Petrovic – 4/19/2008

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