33 - Marcus Smart

6-3, 227 Point Guard
Oklahoma State Sophomore
03/06/94 (29.6 yrs)
Flower Mound, TX,
High School
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Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Dwyane Wade

Strengths: Strong, heady point guard with great size and instincts…Uses his mixture of quickness, strength, instincts, and aggressiveness to get to the rim, then uses his big frame and excellent body control to finish through contact…In addition to his scoring ability, Smart doubles as an excellent passer and playmaker.  He has great court vision and is willing to make the unselfish play to set up his teammates.  Averaged 5.8 assists per 40 minutes last season…Very sound perimeter defender who has the length (6’8" wingspan), the strength, and the lateral quickness to keep his man in front of him.  Plays hard and harasses ball handlers into making bad decisions…Draws multiple defenders on his drives, then has the alertness to kick it out to an open teammate for a 3…Ball-hawking defender who averaged around 3 SPG throughout his college career.  Once again, his big wingspan helps him terrorize the passing lanes…His aggression and power allow him to get to the line at an excellent rate.  Shot over 8 free throws per game last season in just over 32 MPG…Great rebounding point guard due to his size and strength.  Averaged nearly 6 rebound a game last season…His height and his strength also allow him to post up smaller point guards and finish inside…Loves to get out in transition and has the vision and finishing ability to make him elite at running the fast break…Can play with guard position and can also defend multiple positions due to his size/quickness combo…Has a nose for the ball.  Will dive on the floor to get loose balls and will rip it out of the offensive player’s hands from time to time…Shows flashes of greatness in the pick-and-roll as both a scorer and a passer…Outside shot can be effective when Smart is on his game, making him a great inside-outside weapon…Makes winning plays.  His decision-making is excellent and he is great at balancing setting up teammates and making a scoring play himself…Raised his PPG (18.0 to 19.9) nearly 2 points per game in games against ranked opponents last season…Great motor and energy.  Puts it all on the line every minute of every game and always plays with intensity and competitiveness…Has that other-worldliness, always-in-control, do-what-it-takes-to-win, elite factor that a select few point guards (Kemba Walker, Trey Burke) in recent drafts have exhibited…

Weaknesses: Not a great outside shooter.  Only made 29% from distance last season.  Needs to polish his mechanics and hit on a more consistent basis.  Struggles mightily on jumpers when guarded.  Release slowed by bringing the ball down to his knees before rising up and releasing.  Simply needs to be more consistent with his shot mechanics…Opponents will find it easier to stay in front of Smart because they don’t have to guard him as tight and respect his jumper…Not a very efficient scorer.  Needs to take smarter jump shots and not settle for pull-up threes…Could stand to be more patient and unselfish rather than forcing it and becoming dead-set on taking a shot at times…His assist/turnover ratio of 1.78 is not great.  Could certainly cut down on turnovers and be more patient on offense.  His aggression can sometimes be a weakness.  It also leads to offensive fouls on occasion…Mediocre ballhandler, another source of his turnover problems…Uses his physical gifts well, but ultimately doesn’t have great athleticism…Free throw percentage dropped from 78% to 73% between his freshman and sophomore seasons…Interestingly enough, Smart’s knack for making winning plays did not generally carry over to crunch time.  In 7 Cowboys games that Smart played in this season that were decided by 3 or fewer points or in overtime, Smart shot a mere 3/14 (21%) from the field in the final two minutes and overtime of those games.  He also missed several free throws in that span…Can be a bit of a "flopper"…Smart’s teams have lost in their first game in the NCAA Tournament in each of the past two years, despite being expected to win both times.  The Cowboys also went on a big-time skid to end the Big 12 regular season, due, in part, to Smart’s suspension and inability to right the ship as the team point guard and star player…NBA scouts will have the Texas Tech incident fresh in their minds, when Smart lost his cool and shoved a fan, earning him a three-game suspension.  Smart doesn’t always maintain his composure, which can force him to make bad decisions both in and out of gameplay, and doesn’t always have a grey attitude or body language on the court.  This incident could have scared away a few teams at the top of the draft…

Notes: Second-team All-American his freshman season…Pre-season All-American prior to this season…All-Big 12 as a sophomore…

Overall: Smart is an excellent combination of strength, size, length, instinct, and competitiveness that will not be found in any other player in this draft.  His shooting stroke is subpar and his intensity can sometimes get the best of him, but Smart has a good chance at being a top-6 pick in this draft, holding his own with this year’s crop of super-freshmen and Aussie phenom Dante Exum…

Jacob Stallard 5/10/14

Strengths: Combo guard with a team oriented, winner’s mentality. A strong, determined competitor … Tremendous versatility and feel for the game … Creativity. Great vision and passing ability. A natural playmaker. Strong one on one skills. Adept at creating shots for himself and others … Strong shooting ability with a polished pull up jumper. Textbook form on his shot. Generates a nice rhythm on catch and shoot getting good elevation. Elbow extended. High release point. Consistent mechanics. Deep range … Consumate leader … Unselfish passer …. Seems to always be a step ahead of his competition. Great anticipation … Extremely confident … A tank. Strong frame and enjoys using his physicality to overpower opponents … Can take the ball into traffic and finish with contact … Explosive leaping off 2 feet … Shows a willingness to get after it on the defensive end. Takes pride in being a guy that can lock you down defensively. Quick hands lead to a lot of steals … Polished and advanced all around skills. Has a chance to be a difference maker the instant he steps on the floor for the Cowboys …

Weaknesses: Solid athlete, but not spectacular. Not the quickest or most explosive guard … Not likely to finish above the rim in traffic, but utilizes his athleticism well … Uses hustle, brains and will power over sheer athletic prowess … Lateral speed isn’t the best … Doesn’t have a precise fit at either guard position. Undersized at the 2 and not a pure PG. A combo guard in every sense … Can be a little too ball dominant at times. But that comes with the territory in high school when you’re the star player … Needs to learn how to run off of screens and play off the ball a little better, for times when he’s asked to play the 2 position …

Notes: Developed a reputation in high school for being one of the strongest competitors and top guard prospects …

Aran Smith 9/24/12