5 - Maalik Wayns

6-1, 205 Point Guard
Villanova Junior
05/02/91 (31.6 yrs)
Philadelphia, PA
High School
Roman Catholic
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
89 Overall:

NBA Comparison:

Strengths: Wayns came to Villanova as another of a long list of Wilcat guards who plays aggressive basketball and looks to put the ball in the hoop … There may not be a faster player from baseline to baseline with the ball in his hands than Wayns in the 2012 class … Really looked good playing at a fast pace, and is able to get baskets before the defense is able to set up … Hard to stop from getting to the rim, especially with a running start … Has a low center of gravity as a 6’2 guard, and is built like a running back at a muscular 200 lbs … Uses his strength to absorb contact on the way to the hoop … Pretty quick 1st step … Able to create his own shot, and is aggressive about doing so … Developed some ability to use floaters in the lane as a Junior … Good ability in pick and roll offense as a shot creator for himself … Not bad shooting with his feet set from as far as 23 ft … Solid at driving and dishing … Plays with passion, and is very energetic … Flies around the court … Gets to the foul line well, and generally doesn’t make many mistakes when he gets there (89% shooter as a Jr.) … Plays very intense defense, and doesn’t back down from any guards, even if they have a size advantage … Slides his feet and has all the tools to be a pesky on-ball defender … Not afraid of the physical aspects of the game …

Weaknesses: Although he’s fast with a running start, Wayns struggles with playing at more than 1 speed and he has just decent acceleration in static positions … Plays more like a ball-dominant 6’2 combo guard than a 6’2 PG … Although he had solid assist numbers, he had a high turnover rate and looks for his own shots much more than he looks to make teammates better or set up guys … Not an explosive leaper off the dribble … Has trouble playing efficient half-court sets, where changes of speed are necessary for shot-creating guards … Has never been a truly efficient finisher at the rim, due to his lack of length and great vertical explosiveness … Doesn’t pick his spot particularly well … Struggles with shot selection and is a bit of a shot hunter … Takes too many contested shots and doesn’t have the mid-range game or jump shot he seems to think he does … Often either takes 3-point jumpers or drives to the rim aimlessly … Did develop more comfort in his mid-range pull-up as a Jr., but wasn’t even remotely efficient with it … Gets a lot of charges called against him because he is too wild on his drives … Shot five 3’s a night last season, and was a 31% shooter from deep … Is going to have some trouble defending taller guards who have quickness … Not going to get many steals … Quarterbacked a Villanova team that was projected to be an NCAA tourney team in the preseason, but struggled mightily to a 13-19 record (5-13 Big East), which dents his stock a bit … There will be questions about why he darted after leaving scouts with the same questions he always had about being a true PG, his stagnant progress as a shooter, and playing efficient basketball …

Overall: Wayns is a scoring guard who plays with aggression, and a team might think he can develop into a capable facilitator … He struggles with playing at more than one speed, and it hurts his efficiency … He can play in the NBA if he changes that, and just continues to improve his subpar jump shot … He also will need to prove to be more of a PG … But his speed, aggression, and defense are all good starting points, even if his (and Villanova’s) season left a ton to be desired this past year … Was a McDonalds All-American out of high school

Jorrye Nixon 5/30/12

Strengths:  Wayns is 6’1 point guard who is just as fast with the ball in his hands as he is without it … Uses his quickness and excellent handle to change directions and breakdown the defense, whether its in the half court or in transition … Shines in the open floor where he attacks the basket and uses his speed, momentum and strength to finish on the break … Shows steady body control when battling bigger foes around the rim … Shown he has a floater in the lane, just hasn’t polished consistency converting it … Has a pretty smooth shooting rhythm with a high arching shot … Has shown he has range, and looks comfortable shooting off the dribble, which is important for a point guard who will frequently have the ball in his hands …  Defensively he’s quick enough to keep his man in front of him, while his high energy makes him a pest on the ball …

Weaknesses: Wayns glaring weakness revolves around his 1.3 assists to 1.4 turnover per game ratio. He needs to improve his total offensive efficiency in the half court and on the break by using his quickness and handle to open things up for his teammates … Shot selection needs to be better … Should continue to improve shooting percentages and consistency from midrange and downtown … Might have some trouble seeing over the defense at the next level, but shouldn’t be a problem at Villanova …

Overall: With Scottie Reynolds no longer there to dominate the ball, Wayns should have plenty of opportunities to show what he can do at the point guard position … His quickness, speed and handle are too hard to ignore, and with an improved assist to turnover ratio and outside game, Wayns should be an intriguing point guard prospect to watch for moving forward …

Jonathan Wasserman 10/7/10

Notes: Measured 6’2 (in shoes) 201 lbs, with a 6’2 wingspan at the 2011 Deron Williams Skills Academy.

YouTube Clip – 3/10/2010