32 - KJ McDaniels

6-6, 196 Small Forward
Clemson Junior
02/09/93 (28.8 yrs)
Birmingham, AL
High School
Central Park Christian
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Jeffery Taylor

Strengths: KJ is obviously an outstanding athlete; he can jump really easily off two feet or of one without any difference. In the last year he finally used this gift to become one of the best rebounders in his conference while only 6’6 … He is particularly dangerous on the offensive glass, where if he doesn’t have a body on him he knows how to get the crowd involved with spectacular tip dunks … Transition is another area where he shines, both as a ball handler or runner on the wing, when he has the ball and there is nobody in his lane he goes strong to the basket,  very often making the right decision … When he is off the ball in transition he’s often catching lobs and alley-oops … This part of his game will really stand out in the NBA, particularly for teams with good PGs and that like to push the ball in transition … He also added to his game a respectable 3 point jumper, not very pretty to see but definately to be respected … He has very good percentages with his feet set … Despite the offensive reasons the real gem of McDaniels game for NBA scouts is his defense … He has outstanding efficiency numbers defending the ISO according to Synergy and he can guard 1-2-3 without any problems due to his length and quickness … He his very good of the ball as well, reading screens and situations. Thanks to his feet being in constant movement, he is really hard to post up, and this allowed Clemson to play him as a “4” in a small lineup. He is not by any mean an offensive threat but was still able to average more than 17ppg which could allow any NBA coach looking for a new “Tony Allen” to play him without risking to play 4 on 5 on the offensive hand

Weaknesses: His biggest weakness right now is still his offensive game … His shot is getting better, particularly his 3 pointer with his feet set, but when defenders run him off the line he has a very poor pull up shooting and his decision making is highly questionable … Needs to develop a mid-range game and learn how to finish around the rim … Right now when he gets to the rim but can’t dunk, he struggles to finish, especially with his left hand … Seems to suffer a lot when defenders get into his body, which raises some questions about his attitude to fight and be strong durin a physical game … He will never need to be a great scorer, but needs to be consistent enough where he can punish the defense with open shots and precise cuts …  Ball handling also needs some work, his one on one often finish with a turnover as McDaniels often struggles to read the help … Defensively he needs to embrace the role that will be for him in the NBA, get stronger to defend stronger players, but all those are just natural developments that will occur in his career … Overall he will definitely have to struggle to find his spot in the League but without any doubt he could be the guy many coaches and GM are looking for to add athleticism and a defensive stopper on a good team …

Rick Fois 5/3/14

Strengths: You can’t talk about McDaniels without bringing up his ridiculous athletic ability … Really is a trampoline in the open floor and shows electric speed and leaping skills around the rim … A highlight waiting to happen … Looks the part of an NBA wing, standing a true 6’6 200 lbs with a wiry strong build…More than adequate length for either wing position…Likes to dunk the ball…Could very well be the most explosive athlete in the 2014 class…Runs the floor very well…Pretty reactive player who plays a livewire style and should an above average nose for the ball…Really good offensive rebounder, and shows the ability to soar over defenders for dunks around the rim…Attacks the rim pretty well with his ability to go in straight lines…Is a reasonable shooter out to 22 ft and is able to hit open jump shots with decency, but is still a work in progress…Gets to the foul line at an impressive rate and is a very good shooter when there (5.4 ftpg at 84% as a Jr)…His free throw percentage is encouraging for teams hoping he can continue to improve his jumper in the future…Willing rebounder who understands where to be on the glass…Clearly an elite shot-blocker for a wing prospect, averaging almost 3 blocks a night as a Jr…Has the potential to defend either wing spot and has all the athletic tools to be an effective defender in the NBA as well…A late blooming prospect who began to legitimately open eyes in the NIT, but had a breakout season after making good improvement in each of his 3 years at Clemson…Has some experience playing PF, and has an adequate post game for a projected wing player…Made impressive improvements to his game every year in college, and got better in every statistical category from his Soph. to Jr. season…Plays the style of game that could make him an intriguing fan favorite in the right system

Weaknesses: McDaniels is still a fairly raw prospect, and will need to improve his perimeter skills to be a truly effective offensive player in the NBA … Has mediocre at best ability to create his own shot off the dribble…Can let the ball slow him down, and is significantly less effective the more his dribbles …Though he’s an improved shooter, he is still a below average all around shooter…Has a bit of a slow release and doesn’t have the softest touch…Generally needs time and space to be at his best shooting jumpers…Still seems to be learning how to think the game naturally, sometimes isn’t as aware as he should be on both ends of the floor…Not likely to pass the ball alot … Doesn’t show a great feel for the game … Not the type of player that needs to be featured offensively at the next level  …

Overall: McDaniels has a lot of the physical tools needed to be a good NBA role player and fan favorite … Is an explosive athlete, with nice size and pretty good playing energy … Shouldn’t require a lot of touches to be effective at the next level, and he looks the part of a potentially tough defender … Was the ACC Defensive Player of the Year and also a shot-blocking demon as a perimeter player and inside the arc … Needs to continue to work on his perimeter game as a whole, but his improvements have been extremely promising … Seems like he could go anywhere from the late-1st rd to the mid-2nd round in 2014

Jorrye Nixon 5/3/14

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