Jeff Teague

6-2, 175 Point Guard
Wake Forest Sophomore
06/10/88 (32.6 yrs)
Indianapolis, IN
High School
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NBA Comparison: Kevin Johnson

Strengths: An extremely quick and explosive guard … A natural scorer, plays at full throttle the entire game, constantly putting pressure on the defense … Has great open court speed and loves to push the ball in transition, where his skill set allows him to maneuver around defenders as well as finish at the rim … Plays with great confidence and possesses a killer instinct … Keeps his dribble alive and continuously probes the defense for openings … He is very good at using his body to shield the ball from help defenders when finishing in the lane, he is able to adjust his finishes in mid air, making it very difficult to block him … His first step is well complemented with a nice variety of hesitation and crossover moves off the dribble … Constantly changing up speed and direction makes him very unpredictable, and hard to contain … Extremely good at getting into the lane where he can find open teammates on drive & dish situations … Knows how to draw contact and doesn’t shy away, as a result he is very good at getting to the line, where he converts at a very good clip (85%) … Has improved on his shooting consistency in every category, even showing more confidence is the midrange game … Great hands and foot speed allow him to be a menace on the defensive end at times … Has shown that when he puts his mind to it, he has the tools to stay in front of pretty much anyone at the college level …

Weaknesses: Slight frame gives strong guards the advantage of bodying him and taking away his driving angles … He is not a pure PG, even though he has good vision and decent ability to deliver the ball, he lacks the mentality of a playmaker … Would be in a more natural position playing off the ball, but at 6-2, defensively he would be a walking mismatch … At times very wild and out of control, often overpenetrating and trying to make plays far more difficult than they have to be … His Assist to TO ratio is almost 1/1 for his career, directly speaking on his inability to read the action and make correct plays … He has become a more consistent shooter, but his stroke is still awkward as he shoots it infront of his face, and he takes too long to set his feet. He also shoots a "palmball" instead of getting the ball off of his fingers, but it works so probably no sense in changing it … Still lacks a reliable in-between game, his touch from the midrange is a bit shaky; if he isn’t at the rim, his floater and teardrops are much more inconsistent … Takes a lot of bad shots that come early in the shot clock and are out of the offense … Defensively he lacks focus and fails to put in a consistent effort … A lot of his shortcomings are a direct result of inexperience, he possesses some great tools which should help along in his development … He would benefit as a floor general and playmaker by returning for his junior season, but with such a breakout season, it’s likely he will be drafted based on his potential to develop those skills on the fly, and a high draft pick will be difficult to pass up …

Borko Popic 1/16/09

YouTube Clip – 7/4/2009