16 - Giorgi Shermadini

7-0, 245 Power Forward/Center
Rep. of Georgia International
04/02/89 (34.7 yrs)
Mtskheta, Georgia
International Team
Union Olimpija
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills
86 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Nenad Krstic

Aran Smith – 4/1/2008

Strengths: Georgian bigman who has an intriguing set of offensive skills … Shows solid footwork with the ability to play in the post or face the basket … Has very soft touch on his shot … Can face up and get by bigger post guys off the dribble, which also opens up his solid midrange shot … Has an array of useful post moves including an effective hook shot and turnaround jumpers off of both sides … Has range out to 3 point … Also shows the ability to use both hands to score around the rim … If his age is legit (Georgian players are notorious for being older than their listed age) he should have a good deal of physical development to go … A solid athlete, more agile than athletic, particularly his lower body … Shows solid ability to run the floor and catch and convert on the break … Has a good basketball body … An intriguing player due to his size, age and skills …

Weaknesses: NBA readiness is a big hurdle … He is still far too weak to bang inside and board against pros … Will need to add significant weight and get a lot tougher to make it defensively at the NBA level … He’s not a complete rail and being younger, he should be able to add some upper body bulk, but narrow shoulders limit him from adding a great deal of weight … Finding his optimum playing weight will be imperative … He’s a finesse post guy (à la Okur, without the size) whose game is more suited to the European style of play … Strictly a post player, doesn’t have the foot speed to play on the perimeter … Unproven. Has been successful in Europe but only at a low level. NBA teams are no longer intrigued by European prospects who have not proven themselves. He would likely have better success by proving himself in Europe’s top level before trying to get drafted …

Notes: Skill wise he’s similar to Ohio State’s Kosta Koufos only smaller and less talented … Worthy of consideration in the second round as he could be a great option for leaving in Europe for a few seasons to develop before bringing him over to the NBA …

Aran Smith – 8/23/2005

Strengths: Very long center prospect with excellent fluidity and great instincts … Has only been playing serious basketball for a short time, but has a natural feel for scoring inside … Incredible footwork and creativity inside … Uses pump fakes well to free himself for dunks and baskets … Soft touch with both a jump hook and short to medium range jump shots … Very young, if he is really 1989 born his upside is incredible … Good shot blocker with excellent wingspan … Not tremendously explosive but gets off the floor well … Runs the floor well … Coachable kid with the right attitude to improve …

Weaknesses: Very new to the game, has no real experience but already shows solid fundamentals … Must get stronger, his upperbody is still very skinny and weak, but appears to be able to gain weight … Must add a go to move…

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