16 - Georgios Kalaitzakis

6-7, 190 Shooting Guard/Small Forward
Greece Class of 2021
01/02/99 (22.7 yrs)
Heraklion, Greece
International Team
Team Site Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
86 Overall:

Strengths: Fairly athletic combo guard with good size … Very good length… Has big strides that help him cover a lot of ground… Versatile, has been used in all perimeter positions… Has good basketball I.Q… Has a competitive spirit… Fearless, doesn’t back down to anyone… All around, fills up the box score, can do a little bit of everything… Very good on the open floor, either as the ball handler, or filling the wings… Has 3-level scorer potential… Has all the tools to become a play making wing in the future… Likes to shoot off the dribble, has shown potential in Pull Up situations… Not afraid to go all the way to the basket, can drive from either side and use even a euro-step… Draws fouls like a magnet and goes to the line a lot where his shots with almost 80%… Decent 3-point shooter in Spot Up situations… Very good at scoring on the move, coming off screens and doing some curls… Has nice footwork when Posting Up, he can take advantage of miss-matches… Nice court vision for a wing… Can play the Pick and Roll (mostly from the middle) as the ball handler and can find the open man… Has been used as a secondary creator with mixed results… Very good rebounder for his position… Versatile defender, can guard all perimeter positions… Decent on ball defender… His nice lateral quickness and long hands help him on the defensive end… Has active hands… Covers the passing lanes and does some steals… Above average shot blocker thanks to his length, can even make an occasional chase down block

Weaknesses: Not an elite athlete… Has a thin frame, needs to bulk up considerably, but be careful not to lose flexibility… Inconsistent performer, has a lot of ups and downs even during the game… He can dominate for stretches and then disappear… He is 22 years old and has just one full season under his belt at senior level… Emotions can get the best of him at times… Can’t full absorb contact yet due to his thin body… Ball handling is still a little loose… Inefficient scorer, prone to take some bad shots… Shooting selection and decision making need work… Inconsistent 3-point shooter, not a steady threat for now… Pull Up game still needs some polishing… Doesn’t have an elite first step, can’t blow by opponents in Isolation, more effective when taking the ball on the move… Still needs work in Pick an Roll situations, has problems finding the rolling big, he mostly has shooting in his mind after he takes a pick… Can be a little wild on offense at times… Turnover prone… Has problems against physical defense due to loose handle and lack of strength… Can lose focus on defense, especially when guarding a player off the ball… Not decisive enough as a help defender… Has used to depend on his length on defense after gets blown by, but he won’t be able to do that on the next level.

Stefanos Makris 7/29/21

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