10 - DeMar DeRozan

6-7, 211 Shooting Guard
USC Freshman
08/07/89 (31.2 yrs)
Compton, CA
High School
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NBA Comparison: Vince Carter

Jaw dropping athletic specimen. At a chiseled 6’6 220 with large wingspan. Possesses the prototypical frame for an NBA wing …Incredible leaper and explosive finisher. Vertical is reportedly 40 inches plus … His head is even with the rim on many of his dunks … Has all but mastered the art of the mid-range game … Shoots the ball exceptionally well from inside 20 feet. At his best with one dribble and then elevating, preferably to his left … Moves well without the ball, always looking for creases in the defense … Uses screens well and comes off ready to fire … Puts his unique package of leaping ability and strength to good use on the glass … Excellent offensive rebounder (2.4 per game) … Finishes strong around the basket, but shows finesse and variety with floaters and spin moves … Right hand dominant when attacking the hoop. Defenders know this, but he still gets to the rack, a testament to his first step and strength … Puts in a strong effort on the defensive end … Above average lateral quickness, but often too high in his defensive stance. Reads habit passes well off the ball … Showed signs of being a pressure performer, taking his game to another level in the Pac 10 tournament, completely outclassing his competition with a myriad of out of this world athletic displays …

Weaknesses: Still very much a work in progress, filled with untapped potential … Despite all of his physical attributes, is often satisfied to ‘go with the flow’. Does not look to dominate … His on court presence leaves much to be desired at this stage of his development .. He plays hard, but rarely full throttle … Passion to be a superstar has always been questioned .. Needs to enhance range on his jumper … Shot only 17% from three in his one season at USC, attempting only 1 per game … He steps into his mid-range jumper well, but tends to fade away on three point attempts … Despite a picturesque stroke, shot only 65% from the FT line … His ball handling needs a lot of work … Rarely, if ever, takes more than one dribble to his left without pulling up or spinning back right … Very predictable. Lacks creativity in the face up game which he will need to succeed at the next level … Despite his size and strength, he did not utilize the post up game at all in college. Not much of a passer or facilitator (1.5 assists per game) … Has a quick first step, but not dynamic … His ceiling is unlimited, but needs to add many significant dimensions to his game. A year older than his freshman counterparts, turning 20 in August.

Adam Ganeles 5/11/09

Strengths: An absolutely jaw dropping type of physical specimen His explosiveness is on the elite level for the NBA Already has a strong body and will only get stronger as his frame continues to fill out, so he’ll be able to finish without any strength issues His game has improved tremendously in the past year. He now has a package of offensive skills including the ability to create shots off the dribble as well as range out to college three Has developed slick ball handling ability with a mean crossover, which he uses well to get by opponents to the basket or for setting up his outside j His perimeter shot has become fairly consistent, and his scoring ability has significantly increased Really excels on the break finishing with acrobatic dunks Uses his strong body well to take the ball inside against weaker athletes His basketball IQ has developed to where he has a good idea of when to drive, shoot or pass and takes what the defense gives him

Weaknesses: Needs to become more consistent overall. Does not always play up to his abilities Must gain experience and develop more of a killer instinct. He’s competitive, but can go through the motions when he’s not on his game Has superstar potential, but must continue to work hard and not buy into his own hype to get there His ability to set up teammates and passing game could show some improvement Must learn to play with more intensity defensively His outside shot has become reliable but his midrange game can still improve His first steep is good, but not as quick as some of the NBA’s top 2-guards.

Notes: Has verbally committed to the Trojans of USC.

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