55 - Delon Wright

6-5, 180 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Utah Senior
04/26/92 (29.6 yrs)
Los Angeles, CA
High School
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NBA Comparison: Jordan Clarkson

Strengths: Wright is a big point guard who utilizes his size advantage well to see over smaller opponents and also make things difficult for them on the offensive end … He’s a solid athlete with great control of his body which allows him to finish at the rim, utilizing crafty Euro steps … Perhaps his most underrated quality is his feel for the game, Wright always seems to be in control of the tempo and rhythm of the game … He has great instincts for steals, rebounds, and plays under control with patience … His analytical numbers show that he is extremely efficient and seems to be effective in all aspects of the game … He makes great decisions in transition, pushing it aggressively to the basket where he can finish with either hand and find open teammates on the perimeter … In the half court, Wright effectively runs the P&R, and he is really hard to guard due to his ability to find the roller, an open man or taking it to the bucket himself … Many teams decided to give him the open jumper electing to go under the screen, but Wright was actually a good shooter in those situations this season, though he didn’t take a lot of shots  and was a little streaky … Despite playing the whole year being the target for opposing defenses, he doesn’t get out of control, and doesn’t take many risks … Defensively he is quick laterally and though he is not the strongest or more focused defender, he is certainly disciplined and uses his wingspan and athleticism to cover up his mistakes …

Weaknesses: Wright is at his best when he has complete control of his team with the ball, giving him the freedom to create and play in his comfort zone … He will not be given this initially so it will be intersting to see if he can be an effective contributor without these freedoms …  the case in his first years in the league. His body strength needs improvement in order to make play near the rim … His success in the league depends heavily on his ability to make shots, he has certainly proved he can do it, but has been streaky at times and with the extended NBA 3 point shot, he will need to work hard at extending his range … Two years ago he was vey poor from 3 point land, while last year he made substantial improvements … He did play almost 34 minutes per game, but sometimes had moments where he seemed out of the game, and very passive … He will need to be on task at every moment in the league … Defensively he needs to improve his on ball defense … While I think his basketball instincts will allow him to make plays on the help side.

Outlook: If you are looking for the secret of the Utah Utes first strong season in recent years look no further than this outstanding point guard … After a summer in which he impressed many scouts at the LeBron James Skills Academy, Wright took his game to another level, taking his team to the Sweet 16 and establishing himself as one of the most entertaining and efficient guards in college basketball … If he can get stronger, showing a little more hunger, consistency in his shot and find the right situation, Wright has the potential to become a really solid NBA guard and one of the steals of the draft …

Notes: Younger brother of NBA player Dorrell Wright … Playing at City College of San Francisco … Measured 6’5 (in shoes) 179 lbs, with a 6’6.5 wingspan at the 2014 Nike Guard Skills Academy …

Rick Pietro 6/5/15

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