Curtis Jerrells

6-1, 195 Point Guard
Baylor Senior
02/05/87 (33.8 yrs)
Austin, TX
High School
Del Valle
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Kyle Lowry/Marcus Banks

Strengths: Lightning quick lefty point guard with powerful build … Terrific athlete … Uses quick first step and shifty ball handling to penetrate into the lane … Breaks down defenders off the dribble with relative ease, more often than not looking to score. Excellent use of off (right) hand, both to handle and finish … Thrives in transition where he can utilize his speed and creativity in space. Good court vision on the break, averaging 4 assists per game for his collegiate career. Terrific strength for a PG enabling him finish at the rim, maintaining body control through contact … Elevation on jump shot is well above average. Possesses deep range, converting 2 three’s per contest at a 37% clip. Shows his best stroke off the dribble … Hits a large number or high degree of difficulty off-balance jumpers. Rebounds well for a PG averaging 4.5 per game as a Senior. Uses his wingspan to get into passing lanes and create turnovers on defense, coming up with 1.5 thefts per game last season.

More of a scoring point guard than a true lead guard … Lacks a feel for the PG position and what opposing defenses are giving to him. Doesn’t run a team efficiently.. Especially poor initiation of offense in the half court set. Passing skills do not stand out in the set offense. Prone to overdribbling which leads to stagnation … Has a tendency to get out of control and drive into traffic. Must limit turnovers (3.1 as a senior) and improve decision making … To his credit, Baylor consistently faced a 2-3 zone defense last season, which was certainly inhibited his play. Despite decent shooting percentages, his mechanics are poor … He has a funky, deliberate release on his jumper with a major hitch on catch and shoot attempts and free throws. Shot selection is horrendous at times. Settles for far too many three point attempts when he should be sticking to his game and attacking. There are serious question marks surrounding his desire to play defense. Defensive intensity is not there play in play out. Needs to enhance overall basketball IQ.

Adam Ganeles – 6/13/2009

Strengths: Lefty point guard with tremendous speed and quickness and good playmaking ability At his best attacking the basket off the dribble. He uses his amazing first step and handle to get by opponents and finishes well in the lane with his great body control and touch around the basket Hes a legit lead guard with the ability to set teammates up, but his point guard skills arent quite at the level of his scoring ability. Although, this is the area of his game that has shown the most improvement in his junior season, as he has raised his A/TO ratio to close to 2/1 His excellent body strength helps him defensively and at finishing around the basket A very good athlete with solid explosiveness Excels at the drive and dish, drawing defenders to him and feeding teammates for baskets Really adept at handling the ball. He can dribble right through double teams Has excellent physical attributes for the NBA PG position with size, speed and strength His barrel chest allows him to overpower smaller PGs and play a physical brand of ball A solid defender with great hand and foot speed Solid from the line at 80%

Weaknesses: His outside shot is improved but very streaky. He can be cold for a few games and then heats up for a string of games Part of his shooting problems come down to shot discipline. If he improved his shot selection, his shooting averages would surely improve. At times he shoots contested jumpers early in the shot clock instead of being patient and creating a better shot for himself or a teammate His release on his shot is slow, making it tougher for him to get clean looks … His ball handling is one of his great strengths, however he can get caught up over-dribbling the ball, disrupting ball movement as well as getting stripped when double teamed at the top of the key Not especially long armed. So despite being 6-1, he isnt a big 6-1 Can be a little too enamored with the flashy pass, although you hate to take away his creativity. He has certainly cut down on his turnovers so thats probably nitpicking

Notes: Jerrells still has holes to his game and room to improve but his potential is very intriguing If hes patient about leaving for the NBA, hell have a chance to be a first round pick in 2009, as his game continues to improve.

Aran Smith – 1/9/2008

YouTube Clip – 5/15/2008