33 - Chris Wright

6-8, 217 Small Forward/Power Forward
Dayton Senior
09/30/88 (32.8 yrs)
Trotwood (OH)
High School
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
87 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Chris Porter

Strengths: Tough to talk about “Top Flight”  Wright without discussing his top-flight athleticism…Shows electric leaping skills and explosiveness, and is very quick on the perimeter… Also possesses the prototypical build of an NBA wing, with a strong 220 lb frame and good height at 6’8 … Safe to say, Wright is one of those guys who looks the part of a basketball player and then some…More than capable of a circus-type dunking display at the rim…Plays fearless, and is willing to throw his body around…Looks great running the floor…Thanks to his athleticism and reckless abandon, Wright is an excellent rebounder on both ends, often grabbing boards over bigger players…Capable of using straight-line slashes to get to the foul line and to get high-percentage shots around the rim…Shows the ability to score without plays being run for him, by hustling for rebounds and making cuts to the rim…Played some PF for Dayton, and used his strength and athleticism to hold up on both ends against bigger players, and was generally too quick to not be a mismatch in a good amount of scenarios…Has had a few games were he strung together outstanding defensive performances…Has the versatility to defend SG-PF, and will be a nice weapon to have in pick and roll D depending on how his future coach decides to switch and hedge…Pretty good shot-blocker…Has been on scouts radars since he was Sr. in HS, and was much more highly touted than a typical mid-major prospect before arriving to Dayton

Weaknesses: Although Wright shows prototypical size and athleticism for a wing prospect, his skill set is still raw and like that of a combo forward…Deemed a prospect with upside coming out of HS, Wright’s production and improvements within his skill set haven’t raised much at all…Possesses an underdeveloped handle and it makes it hard for him to show off his athleticism in half-court offense, where the ball clearly slows him down a good bit…A bit turnover prone with the ball in his hands, as his handle is too high…Also not a good shooter, but gets overconfident and is very inefficient (30% shooter on jump shots as a Sr., on 100 attempts) with it…Although his confidence is a good development, he hasn’t improved enough as a shooter to take the shots he does and in turn his FG% was lower than it should’ve been…Doesn’t have NBA range at all…Struggles from the free throw line…Possesses a very limited feel for the game, especially for a guy with his experience…Plays so hard that he can tire fast and/or pick up bad fouls, so his minutes were monitored at Dayton…

Overall: Wright’s value as a prospect certainly certain revolve around his athleticism and defensive potential…He is a great finisher and he has great upside as a versatile defender, but he can’t create shots off the dribble or shoot when left open, so him sticking is a big question …

Jorrye Nixon 6/15/11

Strengths:  Chris "Top Flight" Wright is a big time athlete with high level explosiveness and quickness … At 6’7, he can play both the 3 and 4 (in college) and create mismatches in different ways … His quick first step allows him to beat his man, and his ability to take off from distance makes him tough to guard since you can’t really set your feet defensively once your man is in the air … Off the ball, Wright is very active, and uses his excellent timing and leaping abilities to crash the boards for putbacks, as well as use timely cuts and back door routes resulting in alley oops or catch and finishes around the rim … Can run the floor and finish on the break over almost anyone trying to obstruct his path… Uses his quickness and explosiveness, along with his aggressive nature moving towards the rim to help him get to the line… He’s showed improvements in his outside game, but you wouldn’t consider it a strength… Defensively, his impressive timing and leaping abilities contribute to 1.4 blocks a game, most coming off the ball as a help defender … A decent rebounder who uses his athletic abilities to pull in over 7 a game … Has the physical tools to be a solid on-ball defender with better coaching …

Weaknesses:  When discussing Wright’s transition to the NBA, he must improve his overall offensive skillset, especially at the 3 position … At 6’7, he’s better suited to play the athletic, high flying small forward than he is playing an undersized 4 at the next level … He lacks true ball handling skills, as most of his points in the paint come from off the ball movement where he can finish without putting the ball on the floor … His poor ball handling skills contribute to awkward footwork with the ball in his hands, and combined with poor shooting mechanics, it makes it awfully difficult to shoot off the dribble … needs to improve catch and shooting as a swingman … When he enters the lane, he must learn to show poise and to pull up, or use some touch shots as he won’t be able to just fly in for the dunk with ease in the pros like he does in college … He’ll be 22 years old for his rookie season, which might make GMs skeptical when dealing with an upside player …

Overall: Wright has the physical tools and pure athleticism to find a role at the next level, however he must improve on his overall offensive game … He’s an upside type guy if he works on fundamentals, but usually upside guys don’t play 4 years in college … His shot is slowly coming around, and if he can add some consistency to it, along with an improved handle, he’ll have a chance to become a first rounder come 2011…

Jonathan Wasserman 7/21/10

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