24 - Buddy Hield

6-5, 215 Shooting Guard
Oklahoma Senior
12/17/93 (30.5 yrs)
Freeport, Bahamas
High School
Sunrise Christian Academy
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NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Brandon Roy/Dell Curry

Strengths: Very rarely do players improve dramatically between their junior, and senior years of college, but Oklahoma senior, Buddy Hield has taken his game to the next level during his 4th collegiate season … Always a strong outside shooter, Hield has improved his 3 point percentage to a lofty .523% on 7.9 attempts per game … He showcases NBA range, and even beyond, rendering him a player that needs to be guarded out to 26 feet away from the hoop … Through 19 games this season, he’s scorching the nets to the tune of 53% from the field, 53% from deep, and 90% from the stripe, and he reportedly shots between 500-700 jumpers a session outside of Oklahoma’s practices, which is an attribute to his work ethic and desire to improve … Early in his career, Buddy showed great promise off the dribble, and as a slasher, but during his sophomore and junior seasons, he became a bit predictable and took over half his shots from beyond the arc … He’s clearly addressed this, and both improved his handle, and his at the rim conversion rate this season … He made just 55% of his shots at the rim last season (according to hoop-math.com) and has risen that to 63.3% this season … He also gets to the free throw line 1.7 more times per game … Buddy’s handle is noticeably better, and this has been in aid in both creating for himself, and for others … He’s also shown the ability to dribble out of trouble, change speeds, and get past defenders … Buddy’s averaging a career high in assists (2.5) as well … Since Buddy is 22 years old, there has been no physical growth since my scouting report last year, but his 6’8.5’’ wingspan is still a nice metric for a player who stands 6’4.5’’ in shoes, and his conditioning is clearly at an elite level, which was noticed at in the knock-down, drag out triple overtime game vs Kansas, in which Hield hung 46 points, pulled down 8 rebounds, and dished out 7 assists … From a defensive standpoint, he is very solid considering the offensive load he carries for his team … He’s willing, has quick hands, and has amassed 27 steals and 10 blocks in 19 games … Looking towards the NBA, he may not project as an elite defender, but he’s more than physically capable … He’s quietly averaging a career high in rebounds (5.8) and has actually logged 8 or more rebounds 5 times this season.

Weaknesses: Buddy’s main knock will be his height for an NBA shooting guard, and although he’s improved his handle significantly in order to become more of a combo guard, he’s still not more of an undersized 2 … Buddy handles the ball a lot, and carries a great offensive burden for the Sooners, as a result he can be turnover prone at times (10 TO’s vs Oklahoma State) … Buddy has clearly worked to improve his game off the dribble, and now takes less than 50% of his shots from deep, in favor of driving to the hoop to keep defenders guessing … In reality, this is a player who has clearly worked very hard at not just what he does well, but his flaws, and as a result, he’s become a very complete player, that’s hard to nitpick outside of some physical differences between the size of NCAA players and those in the NBA …

Overall: Hield is one of the elite players in college basketball this season, and he’s done so by improving his game tremendously throughout his four years … This kind of work ethic, and the results on the court present a huge draw when looking to draft a player … He’s an NBA ready 3 point marksman, and scorer, and an emerging ball handler, who is clearly looking to become a more versatile combo guard at the next level … He doesn’t have great size for the NBA, but his wingspan, athletic ability, and drive compensate for not being 6’6’’… I feel Hield has real potential in the NBA to score the basketball, and very early in his career … His ceiling will be dictated on if and when he feels comfortable running an NBA offense … If Buddy can keep improving, he has a very high ceiling, if Buddy’s current model is closer to his peak, then I feel he’s still a lottery worthy NBA draft pick … 

Notes: Measured 6’4.5’’ in shoes, with a 6’8.5’’ wingspan and 214 lbs at the 2014 Nike Skills Academy … Measured 6’4.5’’ in shoes, with a 6’8.5’’ wingspan and 215 lbs at the 2015 Nike Basketball Academy … 2nd team All-Big 12 as a sophomore in 2013-14.

Dave Ray 1/27/16

Strengths: A high volume scorer with a well rounded skillset, Hield is a good athlete with a long wingspan and powerful frame … At 6’4.5’’ he’s a little short for his position, but sporting a 6’8.5’’ wingspan and weighing in at 214 lbs, he has other physical tools to help make up for his below average positional height … Buddy also is a graceful athlete who is extremely fluid and can get off the ground well … As a freshman, he showed signs he could score the ball, but his improvements as a sophomore really cemented his prowess … Scoring 16.5 ppg as a part of a 1a 1b scoring tandem with Cameron Clark, and he’s looked comfortable as a Junior as he Sooner’s #1 option … Hield can really stroke it, and is not afraid to take an open shot … As a sophomore he took 7.1 3pt attempts per game, hit 90 3 pointers last season (.385%) and hit 5 or more threes in a game 7 times in 2013-14. 7 games into his Junior year, Buddy has already upped his thee point percentage to .396%. Hield is also a strong ball handler, who is capable of driving and getting his own shot at the rim … His 62.5% FG clip at the rim in 2013-14 is good for a 6’4.5’’ player, and he’s got a quick enough first step to translate to the NBA … Hield is a good creator for a SG, as well … As a soph, he dished out a respectable 1.9 apg despite playing next to a pure point guard, Jordan Woodard, in Norman … A low turnover player as well, his 1.8 TO pg is a good sign coming from a player who has the ball in his hands as much as he does … Heild is an average defensive rebounder, as he is often out on the perimeter, but he’s good at crashing the offensive glass and getting 2nd opportunities … Of his 4.4 rebounds per game, 1.8 were offensive which is a really nice number for a guard … He’s a solid defender, who’s length, and strength can give opponents trouble, and while he won’t be as big comparatively in the NBA, he has the tools to hold his own and be an effective defender …

Weaknesses: Buddy is a little short for a shooting guard, as previously mentioned, and although he’s made some major strides, especially as an overall offensive player, he’s yet to really develop his mid-range game … In 2013-14, Hield only shot 29.6% on 2 point jumpers, and he’s yet to really maximize his driving ability … Its no surprise when talking about such a high volume shooter, that over 50% of Buddy’s shots came in the form of 3 pointers, and although he’s a good shooter from that range, he can sometimes settle … His junior year, he’s really lived and died by the 3 ball, which includes a 7-7, 25 point performance, and a 1-8, 5 point performance … This tendency can render him a bit predictable, and despite being a very good scorer, he needs to expand his offensive game or he could be pigeon holed as a long range specialist …

Overall: Buddy Hield is a great long range gunner with a strong physique and the athletic ability, length and strength to play the 2 spot in the NBA. Despite being a tad short, he made major strides between his freshman and sophomore seasons, and another jump could help his overall perception … Already a major NCAA producer, he has some good skills that kind of took a back seat to his shooting last year, and if he were to tap into them and expand his offensive strategy,  it could make a major difference …

Notes: Measured 6’4.5’’ in shoes, with a 6’8.5’’ wingspan and 214 lbs at the 2014 Nike Skills Academy … Measured 6’4.5’’ in shoes, with a 6’8.5’’ wingspan and 215 lbs at the 2015 Nike Basketball Academy … 2nd team All-Big 12 as a sophomore in 2013-14.

Dave Ray 12/13/14

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