3 - Bam Adebayo

6-10, 245 Power Forward/Center
KENTUCKY_65.GIF Kentucky Freshman
07/18/97 (22.3 yrs)
Gatesville, NC
High School
High Point Christian
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Post Skills

NBA Comparison: Markieff Morris/Tristan Thompson

Strengths: Phenomenal physique for a 19-year-old (6’10”, 250 lbs) … Elite athlete for a player of his build … At his best in the open court … Can turn the burners on and beat opposing bigs down the floor easily … Active on both ends of the floor … Finds himself often within the vicinity of the ball on every play … Willing to battle on the interior … Great as the roll man in the pick-and-roll … Dives hard to the rim … Effective setting screens … Really lets the guard come to him instead of attacking the defender he’s supposed to screen … Plays above the rim … Will finish any lob thrown within his catch radius … Keeps possessions alive offensively on the glass … Scores well at the rim … Finishes through contact … A lot to handle in the post for defenses … Seals off his man well in the post … Keeps his defender on his back on the low block … Has a nice compact form for a big man … Comfortable shooting between 10-16 feet with the possibility to extend his range further out … Versatile defender … Can hold his own when switched onto guards … Has the lateral agility and quick feet to keep smaller players in front of him … Has the beef to stonewall opponents in the post … Strength shows when defending down low one-on-one … Excellent rim-protector … Times his jumps well on blocks … Doesn’t swipe or swat at the ball, but meets it at the top of it’s trajectory … Confident enough to jump with any player attacking the basket … Defends fairly well without fouling … Enjoys the limelight. Confident and outgoing personality …

Weaknesses: Despite decent form was not a great free throw shooter (65.3 percent as a freshman) … For all his muscle, was not able to reel in many defensive rebounds … Basketball IQ is lacking, as he doesn’t always respond well to double teams  … Finds himself in the wrong place or misses a rotation far too much … Has not developed much of a back to the basket game … Does not have a go-to move on the low block … Poor assist to turnover ratio (0.8 APG/ 1.7 TOPG) … Is not strong with the ball … Leaves the ball low where smaller players can smack it away … Body has likely reached its peak physically … More of an athletic specimen playing basketball than a basketball player with athletic components … Did not show much growth or development in his lone season at Kentucky … 1.5 shot blocks per game could have been higher for an athlete of his caliber …

Outlook: Adebayo’s impressive athleticism and youthfulness will definitely get him drafted. From that point on it will be on both him and the team to maximize his potential … Finding the proper fit will be important for Adebayo’s future prospective as he could easily fall out of favor if he is not in the right situation … His ability to defend and protect the rim is what will get him on the floor and developing a well-rounded offensive game will keep him out there …

Notes: Measured 6′ 8.75” barefoot, 6′ 9.75” in shoes, 242.6 lbs, 7′ 2.75′ wingspan, and 9′ 0” standing reach at the 2017 NBA Draft Combine … First name Edrice, nickname is "Bam" …

Brandon Jefferson 5/13/17

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