21 - Anthony Brown

6-7, 210 Shooting Guard/Small Forward
Stanford Senior
10/10/92 (29.8 yrs)
Fountain Valley, CA
High School
Ocean View
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling

NBA Comparison: Ira Newble

Strengths: Brown is a very good perimeter shooter … He is at his best when offered the chance to serve as a spot up shooter … Does a good job of making sure his body is square to the basket on every shot … Uses his shot to effectively set up himself up on pump fakes … Not the quickest player, but covers a lot of space with his long strides … Has range that extends to the NBA three point line … Very good at spacing the floor … Has a good sense of where to spot up so his teammates can find him … Effective coming off of screens as well … Defensively he often begins plays out in the proper positioning whether on or off the ball … Does of good job of not getting caught on screens … Attacks the ball well on the defensive glass … Not afraid to put his body on an opposing player … Moved the ball quickly up the court in transition either through the pass or off the dribble … Makes good decisions in the open court … Finished when running the wings whether it’s at the rim or from behind the arc … Above average free throw shooter … Has the ability to use either hand when dribbling … Can also finish with both hands at the basket …

Weaknesses: As a passer Brown doesn’t make quick enough reads when surveying the floor … Needs to get better at finding the open teammate after defense rotates to him … Has trouble finishing over length and taller opponents … Avoids contact too often in the paint … For as good of a shooter that he is, he’s inconsistent when asked to shoot off the dribble … Below average defender compared to what some may believe … Not good at being agile and lacks the lateral movement to cover in short distances … Slow when reacting to the player he’s defending change of directions … Needs to get better at fighting over screens when defending on the ball … Loses focus defensively the longer a possession goes … Over helps too much on players in the lane when guarding off the ball … Not quick enough to close out if he leaves his man open on the perimeter … Not much of a factor on the offensive glass due to the number of jump shots he takes … Will rather pull the ball back out than attempt a put-back shot …

Notes: Fifth-year senior …  All Pac-12 Honorable Mention 2014-15 … Averaged a team-high 6.9 rebounds last season … Pac-12 Most Improved Player of the Year 2013-14 … Missed all but four games of his junior season (2012-13) due to a hip injury … Played on 2011 U-19 USA Team … Measured 6’7 (in shoes) 207 lbs, with a 6’9.5 wingspan at the 2014 Kevin Durant Skills Academy …

Overall: Brown showed great guts and fortitude returning as an improved player following a devastating injury. After shooting 44 percent his last two seasons, Brown has developed a skill that will keep him on an NBA roster for awhile. Given the right chance and coaching can develop into one of the top "3 and D" guys in the league. If he can stay locked in while on the court will be a much better player on both ends of the floor in the league. Very smart and has been a good leader during his time at Stanford.
Brandon Jefferson

Brandon Jefferson 6/27/15

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