11 - Abdoulaye N'Doye

6-7, 200 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
France International
03/09/98 (24.6 yrs)
Dunkerque, France
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NBA Comparison: Damien Inglis

Strengths: Versatile combo guard, with length, who can play all perimeter positions … Amazing wingspan (measured at almost 7-3 feet), which takes advantage on both ends of the floor … Good athlete … Plays within his role, knows his limitations … Has long strides and covers a lot of ground quickly… Has the tools to become an all-around combo guard, who can to a little bit of everything … Runs the floor very well with and without the ball in his hands… He is at his best in transition as the ball handler … Good ball handler, looks really good as a secondary playmaker … Has shown promise that he can play on and off the ball … A very good slasher … Likes to attack the basket … He already has a dependable runner and a good looking floater in his repertoire … New era guard, his points coming almost exclusively from 3-pointers or attacking the rim … Has slow but good shooting mechanics … He is a threat in Spot Up situations, especially if he has time to gather his shot … Good passer on the move … Can play the Pick and Roll at a very good level… Knows his ways around a screen as the ball handler in Pick and Roll situations and always looks either to find the rolling big or a shooter on the wings… Has shown signs of good court vision at times after taking a pick, with some good looking passes to the opposite corner to shooters … Good rebounder for his position … Moves well without the ball, cutting from all angles … Tenacious on the defensive end… Versatile defender, can guard every perimeter position and even some undersized/small ball power forwards … Can become a rare case of a player who can switch 1-4…He really knows how to take advantage of his length in close outs … Active hands, makes a lot of steals … Very good lateral movement and quickness … Excellent one on one defender… Good off the ball defender, knows how to get into passing lanes, deny entry passes and make steals…

Weaknesses: Late bloomer and is shown at times, he is still learning the game and plays with his instinct … Good, but not an elite athlete … He is not as good a leaper as some may expect … He has bulked up since his early years, but he still needs to fill his body to be able to play at the next level… He can’t really create his own shot … Has problems blow by opponents – especially long, athletic opponents – from standstill position because of his lack of elite first step … Doesn’t really shoot off the dribble, which looks like a necessity for a new era guard … His pull-up shot is just not there yet because of his slow shooting mechanics, so he doesn’t even try it, which explains why he mostly either shoots Spots up 3’s or attacks the basket … Because he is not really explosive athlete he doesn’t really drive hard to the rim and depends too much on floaters and runners … His 3-point percentage might be in high 30’s and low 40’s, but the sample is really small and can be a fluke, since he has never taken more thatn 2.2 3-pointers per game in his career … Average free throw shooter, although has improved the last couple of years … Too willing passer after the Pick and Roll, which can make him predictable … Has his limitations as a ball handler and creator because of the absence of a pull up shot and tendency to look for a pass … Not clear whether he could be a primary ball handler in the future… He can lose focus when he defends the weak side … At times he applies too much pressure on the ball handler, which can either lead to fouls or his opponent blowing by him … His lack of upper body strength makes it easier for bulkier wings to post him up …

Stefanos Makris 11/8/10