Orlando Summer League: Top Performers

Mon, 07/12/2010 - 1:52pm

Top 5 Rookies

Paul GeorgePaul George1. Paul George; Indiana Pacers (Fresno State): 15.2, 7.8 reb

Started the week off a little slow but by the end of the week was showing why Indiana is excited about this guy. His ability to knock down the huge shot in crunch time cannot be measured in stats.

2. Luke Harangody; Boston Celtics (Notre Dame): 16.6, 6.3 reb

Might not be the top prospect, but he was the top player among the rookies. He can lead the break, hit the mid-range J, drop threes, work in the post and grab boards like a madman. The guy is just a straight baller with a fire that can’t be taught. A steal at the 52nd pick.

3. Damion James; New Jersey Nets (Texas): 18.8, 5.3 reb

Shot well, played hard, hit the boards, James is showing the overall versatility to impact the team right away next season.

4. Magnum Rolle; Indiana Pacers (Louisiana Tech): 13.4, 7 reb

Magnum is as athletic as they come which leads him to tons of easy baskets and blocked shots. Once he gets his fundamentals figured out, he should have a nice career.

5. Lance Stephenson; Indiana Pacers (Cincinnati): 14.8, 2.3 reb

Stephenson appears to be a steal in the 2nd round. He was very impressive before injuring his thigh cutting through the lane. His ability to attack the basket and score gives him a lot of promise.

Honorable Mention:

Derrick Favors; New Jersey Nets (Georgia Tech): 10.6, 6.8 reb

Evan Turner; Philadelphia 76ers (Ohio State): 9.4, 5.6 reb

Top 5 Non-Rookies

Jrue HolidayJrue Holiday1. Jrue Holiday; Philadelphia 76ers: 19.3, 6 ast

Jrue led the Orlando Summer League in points and assists in a stunning turnaround from last years tough performance. Jrue looks confident and ready to lead his team.

2. James Harden; Oklahoma City Thunder: 17.5, 4 reb

Harden is a complete player who impacts all facets of the game; one of the glue guys who holds everything together. He shoots well, defends well and can run the team. You can’t have enough players like Harden.

3. Terrence Williams; New Jersey Nets: 18.8, 3 reb, 5 ast

Terrence was a scoring machine this week while still managing to run the team well.

4. Marreese Speights; Philadelphia 76ers: 12.7, 9 reb

Speights makes this list for leading the summer league in rebounding while also scoring efficiently as well. The problem is that there is no reason he should not be number one on this list with his ability and experience.

5. Paul Davis; Maine Red Claws (NBADL): 14.8, 6.2 reb

Gets the nod over someone like Derrick Brown who had better numbers, but makes my top 5 because he single handedly won Friday’s game against the Bobcats down the stretch. Paul has an incredible work ethic and does the dirt work in the post.

Honorable Mention

Joe Crawford; Los Angeles D-Fenders (NBADL): 17.8, 1.3 reb

Jaycee Carroll; Boston Celtics (Utah State): 14.8, 3.8 reb, 2.8 ast

Kosta Koufos; Utah Jazz: 12.5, 7.3 reb

Derrick Brown; Charlotte Bobcats: 15.2, 7.0 reb

Gerald Henderson; Charlotte Bobcats: 14.8, 3.5 reb, 2.8 ast

Josh McRoberts; Indiana Pacers: 14, 3.7 reb

Eric Maynor; Oklahoma City Thunder: 14.3, 5 ast

BJ Mullens; Oklahoma City Thunder: 16.0, 6.3

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very excited about jrue holiday... i killed the sixers when they drafted him but he appears to be proving me wrong...

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If you had a worst performers Daniel Orton would have to be at the top of the list. What a way to start your pro career by being tossed the first game.

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Jodie Meeks isnt a rookie...

Jodie Meeks isnt a rookie...

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It's still too early to tell,

It's still too early to tell, but I'm prepared to eat my words in regards to how "overrated" Jrue Holiday is. Anybody have any barbecue sauce?

Demarcus Oneal
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Howis Lance Stephenson the

Howis Lance Stephenson the number 5 rookie he was clearly the best rookie there

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Hmmmmmmmmm Larry Bird's Draftees

I noticed 3 of the 5 top rookies were drafted by the Indiana Pacers.

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as a west coaster, every year

as a west coaster, every year i seem to have to stand up for 1 pac 10'er on this site. Last year it was jrue who most users on this site killed. This year it was landry fields who again most users on this site killed the knicks for drafting.

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The Nets are headed in the right direction

And I agree with perez -- Landry Fields is going to prosper in New York, and make a lot of people here eat crow.

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I'm with you orange juice

I'm with you orange juice about eating my words about holiday

Question about this article. If you say harangody was the top rookie (I almost agree) why is George ranked 1? After watching all the games I'd have James and harangody over George easily

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man i loved the way he played. he looked so goood out there and i never really saw alot of him in college bu the was also pretty flashy. also thefact that he was running the point made me think of tyreke evans in a way.

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very excited about jrue

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