31 - Kosta Koufos

7-0, 252 Center
Ohio St. Freshman
02/24/89 (31.6 yrs)
Canton, OH
High School
2007 Statistics
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills
94 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Mehmet Okur

Joshua Motenko – 8/8/2007

Strengths: To prepare for Ohio State, Koufos has developed a more aggressive style of play. He now has the ability to bang down low that he has somewhat lacked in the past. While being known as a player who is best when working in the high post from either elbow, he has displayed a solid game from the baseline recently, where he can turn over either shoulder to hit the baseline jumper. He has added a behind the back dribble move to his repertoire that isnt fully reliable yet, but will make him a little more dangerous when working from the top of the key nonetheless. His leadership has developed more and he is a reliable go to guy offensively in the post. Defensively, his post position is very good, so he shouldnt have too many problems with man-to-man defense at the next level.

Weaknesses: Koufos must get better at finishing at the rim after contact. He has great touch around the basket, but when he takes contact, his shot doesnt often find the basket. His timing is good on blocked shots, but dont expect him to be much of an intimidator with this skill in the NBA due to average to just above average athleticism. While his midrange shooting is excellent, he could stand to extend his range a little bit. If he could consistently hit the college three it would be an excellent weapon for him and his team.

Notes: Turned down a multi-million dollar offer from Olympiacos Piraeus to play professionally

Joshua Motenko – 7/29/2006

Strengths: A very skilled big man, Koufos shows the ability and desire to be a great passer from the post He is also comfortable putting the ball on the floor, but lacks the athleticism and foot speed to be too much of a threat off the dribble Although on the college level, he can take the ball off the dribble very effectively and ever from the top of the key He is an excellent free throw shooter, can hit the three ball, and has a nice midrange jumper Hes got great hands, decent post moves, and a consistent touch around the basket as well Hes a very smart person with a good sense of humor off the court as an honor roll student He has a good feel for the game on the court as well, and is very mobile for a 7 footer He is comfortable playing in the high post. He was measured with a 90 standing reach and a 74 wingspan.

Weaknesses: Koufos straight court speed is good, but his foot speed is lacking He is not a great shot blocker as he lacks great explosiveness as well He uses his size well to rebound the ball, but shies away from contact occasionally, and is not a banger despite his size Must get more aggresive and stronger to play tougher inside Defensively he needs to improve considerably to play at the NBA level.

YouTube Clip – 8/16/2007