Noa Essengue is a long and talented 6-foot-10 combo forward from France. He was awarded MVP of the ANGT, which took place over the weekend in Dubai (recap to come). Noa also had a standout showing in Indianapolis over NBA All-Star Weekend at Basketball Without Borders camp. He has good size and length, combined with impressive athleticism – positive tools for the French prospect. he is currently projected as the 7th pick in the 2025 NBA Draft.  We caught up with Noa in Indianapolis during All Star weekend at BWB and here’s what he had to say.

NBADraft.Net: How do you feel like you played this weekend?

Noa Essengue: I feel good. This is a great country, to play against better players your age, so yeah, I feel good.

NBADraft.Net: What was your impression of the camp and All-Star Weekend?

Noa Essengue: Honestly, I’m feeling really good because I’ve met some people and l have learned a lot of things.

NBADraft.Net: Have you played in the US before?

Noa Essengue: No

NBADraft.Net: This was your first time to the US?

Noa Essengue: No, I came two years ago, but just for Holy Day.

NBADraft.Net: Do you watch a lot of NBA?

Noa Essengue: Yeah

NBADraft.Net: Do you have a favorite player or team?

Noa Essengue: I like the Los Angeles Clippers and my favorite player is Paul George.

NBADraft.Net: Do you break down his game and try to add it to yours?

Noa Essengue: Yeah, I watch his practice and a lot of things. I watch a lot of players.

NBADraft.Net: Do you watch any college basketball?

Noa Essengue: Not too much.

NBADraft.Net: When did you start taking basketball seriously?

Noa Essengue: I started maybe five years ago.

NBADraft.Net: What position do you ultimately see yourself playing?

Noa Essengue: I play 3 and 4.

NBADraft.Net: Who else impressed you at this camp?

Noa Essengue: Honestly, Neo (Neoklis Avdalas), great guy, really nice, we have a good bond. Shooter and good playmaking.

NBADraft.Net: Were you surprised how good the competition was? Did you have any expectations coming into it?

Noa Essengue: No, I just got the call and I said, “Yeah I’ll play my game”.

NBADraft.Net: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Noa Essengue: I don’t know. I’ll finish my schedule in Germany and next year the same. Then I don’t know, maybe the draft.


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