GG Jackson 6’9 210 PF – Team CP3 2023

Jackson made his impact with 10.5 points and 9.2 rebounds per game. He displayed his shooting stroke, from 3PT (33.3% 3PT5) and out of his fadeaway. He was also successful pulling up off the dribble and out of crossovers, going into his shot after getting the defender on their heels. He’s so light on his feet, especially considering his size, and was successful breaking down the defense with his dribble-drive. He made some nice passes, giving up his own shot for the open teammate underneath the basket as well as dishing out of his attack. Defensively, he was quick to react blocking some jump shots and putting layup attempts on the backboard with 1.7 blocks per game. He wasn’t quite as efficient and missed more at the rim than usual, shooting 43.85% from the floor.

Robert Dillingham 6’2 165 PG – Team CP3 2023 (Kentucky)

Dillingham’s effortless shot was on display. It doesn’t have a lot of arc and ball rotation, but he squares up into it quickly. His ability to change speed and stop on a dime is high-level too. He only needs a little bit of space to get his shot off, so the defense guards him pretty tense, and he’s very adept drawing fouls on jump shots, the best I’ve seen at this stage, previously held by Anfernee Simons. There’s no questioning his advanced shot making ability but his reliance on those shots at the next levels is difficult to see as a plus. Dillingham averaged 15 points per game on 35.4% FG% and 20.7% 3PT% on 4.8 3PT attempts per game. He has some craft as a finisher but really favors his right hand. He can make nice passes as well, reading opportunities to throw lobs and averaged a positive 4.5 assists to 1.8 turnovers per game. He has quick feet and lateral movement when defending the ball and gets skinny on the screens but lacks the physicality defensively. He was very reliable from the free throw line shooting 87.5%, including 11-11 against LivOn-Fleur De Lis alone.

Aden Holloway 6’0 170 PG – Team CP3 2023

Holloway’s high-volume shooting led to 12.5 point per game on 46.8% FG%. He can really light it up from 3 and midrange, with a 37.5% 3PT clip on 5.3 3PT attempts over the weekend. He can handle and pass on a solid level, but he’s more of a scorer than true point. He dished out 3.5 assists to an incredibly low 0.5 turnovers per game (3 total over 6 games). Holloway stays balanced with the ball and doesn’t have wasted motion in his shot, going right into it wherever he’s at on the court any time he sees separation from his defender. He got to the rim on occasions and hit a few impressive layups at the rim.

Matas Buzelis 6’10 190 PG – Expressions Elite 2023 (G-League Ignite)

Buzelis had himself a strong weekend in Kansas City. Aside from his 0-8 3PT against NY Renaissance, he shot it very well to make a number of 3s, ending up at 30.4% 3PT%, for what it’s worth, it would’ve been 46.7% without that outlier game. Handling contact and his physicality have been areas he’s needed to improve upon and while he still has a way to go, his aggression with the ball and finishing with a few and-ones were good to see. He made 15 of his 16 FT attempts (93.8% FT%) over his 6 games. Another encouraging facet him get to the rim with his live dribble, as he struggled to get by perimeter defenders in previous sessions. His improved aggression, ball-handling, and ability to make passes with either hand were positive signs. Buzelis averaged 17.3 points on 61.2% FG% and 6.2 rebounds per game.

Taylor Bowen 6’9 195 PF – Expressions Elite 2023 (Florida State)

Bowen’s usage fluctuated each game, but his best was against the Florida Rebels with 27 points (58.2% FG%, 35.3% 3PT%), 8 rebounds, and 4 blocks. He used his length on the defensive end, blocking a few shots and poking the ball away from the ball-handler. He had a few big dunks, including alley-oops throughout the event. He also scored on a few pull-up jumpers from midrange.

Brandon Garrison 6’9 220 PF – Team Griffin 2023 (Oklahoma State)

Not a heavy scorer with a 7.2-point average (50% FG) and didn’t score double figures in any of his 6 games, but Garrison was valuable for Griffin. He’s a bit unorthodox with his movements but he consistently plays hard and gets up well at the rim. He doesn’t pass on the move, coming to a complete stop when getting the ball to a guard, but he made a lot of nice passes/lobs to cutters and open teammates in position to score. He was a consistent physical pest and defended GG Jackson better than anyone else I’ve seen. Garrison was a beast on the boards with 10.3 rebounds per game and blocked 1.5 shots per game.

Tre Johnson 6’6 180 SG – Team Griffin 2024

Johnson hit shots off the dribble, showing his range from 3 and high-level shot making. After forcing a few turnovers and he was able to get out in transition to throw down a few dunks in the open floor. Along with his shooting, he had some success getting to the rim off the dribble and showed some solid court vision when the defensive blitz came, he would beam a cross-court pass to the open man. His half-court scoring ability is rare at this level and while it speaks to his talent level for his ability to score from scratch, he typically finishes each possession with a contested shot or step-back, rather than filling it up within the flow of the offense. No issue talent wise but moving forward, working on getting better looks can take him a long way. He also rarely shoots off the catch, usually receiving the ball and taking at least three rhythm dribbles before going into his shot. Johnson really struggled against Team CP3, finishing with 7 points (3-20 FG, 0-7 3PT), 4 rebounds, and 2 assists. Johnson ended up with an average of 14.2 points on 37.6% FG% and 36.7% 3PT% on 5 3PT attempts per game, along with 3.2 rebounds and 2.3 assists to 1.5 turnovers per game.

Mackenzie Mgbako 6’9 200 SF – NJ Scholars 2023 (Duke)

Scholars struggled in their opener without DJ Wagner. Mgbako is usually too much of a physical mismatch but Justin Edwards defended him well and he didn’t have a lot of ways to get easy baskets, ultimately finishing with 11 points (5-14 FG, 1-6 3PT) in the loss. He got to the rim better as the event progressed and showed no hesitation to use his left hand even while contorting his body in the congested paint. He can tighten up as a ball-handler as he can fumble it a bit without defensive pressure. He has a nice reverse pivot when he uses it within close/post, but he also tries it 15 feet from the basket and beyond, ending up with a heavily contested shot. He was quick with the trigger and tends to have heat checks whether or not his shot is falling. When he did have the mismatch, he used his fadeaway, jump hook, and some cross-court passes out of the post. He’s pretty versatile defensively but would benefit staying in position as he bites and gambles a bit. Mgbako finished the 6 games averaging 14.2 points (40.2% FG%, 25.7% 3PT% (5.8 3PT attempts per game), 43.5% FT%), 6.8 rebounds, and 1 block per game.

Aaron Bradshaw 7’0 210 C – NJ Scholars 2023

In the first few games, Bradshaw was an automatic turnover and has to be stronger with the ball; struggling to put the ball down and defenders swarmed him quick after he would catch a pass or grab a rebound. Offensively, he was limited to simple catch/rebound to go up for a dunk. As the event progressed, he showed more of his developing shooting touch, almost out to the 3, and fadeaway going over either shoulder. Bradshaw is one of the highest upside prospects in the 2023 high school class. He’s currently in the process of putting it all together, showing positive strides in his development. Bradshaw averaged 13.2 points (57.9% FG%), 7.8 rebounds, 0.7 blocks, and 2.8 turnovers per game.

Justin Edwards 6’7 180 SG – Team Final 2023

Edwards was solid, scoring 15.8 points per game on respectable shooting splits: 48.5% FG%, 43.5% 3PT% (3.8 3PTA), 65.5% FT%. He had a few dunks to show his athleticism but finishing when he doesn’t dunk can improve, as well as his right hand in general. He did a good job defending, especially on Mackenzie Mgbako against Scholars. Edwards had a solid weekend; he can work on expanding his scoring as well as midrange and low post offense in general. Edwards also grabbed 6.5 rebounds on their 5-1 weekend.

Ahmad Nowell 6’1 180 PG – Team Final 2024

Nowell is a strong and shifty guard, showing success with hesitations to get into the paint. His shooting was up and down with two poor performances (1-13 FG, 0-6 3PT & 2-9 FG, 1-5 3PT) but also had an 8-16 FG, 6-11 3PT game. Overall, he shows positivity from distance at 37.9% 3PT% on 4.8 attempts per game. In addition to his shooting, he scored some at the rim and while solid, still has room to grow as a facilitator. Nowell averaged 13.5 points and 1.5 assists to 2.3 turnovers per game.

Kwame Evans 6’10 200 PF – Team Durant 2023

We saw more consistent production from Evans than the previous EYBL sessions as he averaged 13.7 points on 51.9% FG%, both higher than his season average. His mobility was on display and flashed his versatility playing on the perimeter. He got into the paint a bit and made some nice passes after his driving path got cut off. He did struggle finishing at the rim and still needs more development putting it all together. His shooting and rebounding are still areas for improvement at 25% 3PT% on 2.7 3PT attempts per game, 47.8% FT%, and 6.2 rebounds per game.

Amani Hansberry 6’8 225 PF – Team Durant 2023

Hansberry worked out in the paint, consistently scoring with 15.8 points per game on an efficient 55.8% FG%. He showed his back to the basket low post and midrange shooting touch on the offensive end and some versatility on the defensive end. He’s a better ball-handler than you would think at first glance and can use either hand at the rim. He got it done as a rebounder and shot blocker as well with 7.5 and 1.7 per game respectively.

Cyril Martynov 6’11 230 PF – UPlay Canada 2023

Martynov was very alert and had a lot of success when slipping to the basket. He caught plenty of dimes to go into a dunk or show off his accurate touch in the paint. He’s very good about not throwing up a quick shot when the paint is congested, kicking the ball to the open man on multiple occasions. He nearly averaged a double-double at 15.8 points on 48% FG% and 9.7 rebounds per game in Kansas City. Shooting is an area Martynov can look to improve, only shooting 14.3% 3PT% (1-7 3PT) and while he drew a lot of fouls and attempted 6.8 free throws per game, he only shot 53.7% FT%.

Naasir Cunningham 6’7 180 SG – NY Renaissance 2023 (Overtime Elite)

Cunningham knocked down shots in rhythm, made the extra pass, and scored some around the rim. He was also solid defensively. His jumper is streaky, showing a balanced and smooth release on some makes then misses wide open looks at other times. He’s a natural athlete and gets up well at the rim. Overall, he still blends in a bit too often for how high caliber of a prospect he is and definitely has room to pop out more. Cunningham’s production was positive with back-to-back 28-point games, then followed up with a scoreless game going 0-8 FG and 0-6 3PT in 20 minutes. Cunningham finished the session averaging 15.8 points (36.9% FG%, 23.1% 3PT%, 69.2% FT%) and 4.7 rebounds per game.

Marquis Cook 6’7 200 SF – Oakland Soldiers 2023

Cook had an underwhelming return. He showed his talent in flashes but not the full dose we hoped for. He had a nice tip slam, showed a little shooting, and does have natural court vision with ability to drop dimes with either hand. His touch within close was off and he struggles with contact, handling and finishing, and doesn’t always catch the ball clean. With it being Cook’s first EYBL session, hopefully he can shake the rust off and go into his senior year strong. Cook averaged 6.5 points (32.7% FG%, 10% 3PT%, 36.4% FT%), 6.8 rebounds, 3 assists, and 1.2 blocks per game.

Jackson Shelstad 6’2 170 PG – Oakland Soldiers 2023 (Oregon)

Shelstad constantly puts pressure on the defense. He’s well-balanced and keeps his dribble alive even when crowded. All his finishing was below the rim, but he used either hand to score and kicked to the open man when the help shifted. Defensively, he sits and consistently sticks to the ball and recorded 5 steals in the game against The Skill Factory alone. Shelstad scored 15 points per game (50% FG%, 37.5% 3PT%). He surprisingly only shot 1 free throw over his 6 games. He passed out 3.8 assists per game and did an excellent job of not turning the ball over considering his usage, only 3 turnovers in 6 games.

Jizzle James 6’2 180 PG – Florida Rebels 2023

James had a very good showing in Kansas City, constantly in attack mode; he’s so quick with the ball, can penetrate well off the dribble, and scored a handful in the contested paint. He can shoot it too, at 38.9% 3PT% on 3 3PT attempts per game and hit a few stop & pops from midrange. Along with his scoring mentality, he recorded 3.7 assists to 2.2 turnovers per game. James’ consistent output included 19.5 points on 50.5% FG%, 80% FT% (8-10 FT), and 1.3 steals per game.

Milan Momcilovic 6’8 205 SF – Team Herro 2023 (Iowa State)

Momcilovic showed nice half-court skill with his 3PT shooting, passing, and low-post scoring; jump hooks with either and fadeaways off one or both feet. He’s not very quick or explosive athletically but has good mobility and a solid enough handle to get where he wanted with the ball. His inside-out offensive game and touch was working for him. He lacks quickness on the defensive end and there was a play he allowed his guy to get a backdoor jam when he lost track of him. Momcilovic had his ups and downs and ended up averaging 14.5 points (44.7% FG%, 32.3% 3PT%, 52.9% FT%), 6 rebounds, and didn’t block any shots.

Wesley Yates 6’5 200 SG – LivOn-Fleur De Lis 2023

I only got to see LivOn-Fleur De Lis play one game, but Yates lit up Team CP3 in the game I saw. He finished with 26 points on incredible efficiency; 9-12 FG, 5-6 3PT, 3-4 FT. He’s an advanced ball-handler, got into the paint at a good rate, and finished well at the rim. He’s a good athlete who can finish above the rim or get crafty on layups when appropriate. His jump shot rarely hit the rim in the game I saw, and he shot 48.3% 3PT% on 4.8 3PT attempts per game on the weekend.

Dusty Stromer 6’7 180 SG – Team WhyNot 2023 (Gonzaga)

Stromer had a strong showing in Kansas City. He’s smart, plays within himself, and always balanced – not putting himself in bad situations or forcing his impact. He’s got a nice pull-up and shoots well off the dribble. He had success shooting from 3, 51.6% on 5.2 3PT attempts per game. He’s not an explosive athlete but he’s a good ball-handler, gets where he wants with his dribble, and isn’t fazed by defensive pressure. He made solid reads and averaged 3 assists to 1 turnover per game. Stromer also averaged 14.3 points per game (47.6% FG%, 71.4% FT%).

Caleb Foster 6’5 190 PG – Team Thad 2023 (Duke)

Foster only played in 3 games and was productive in each showing. He scored 38 points and grabbed 8 rebounds in the game I saw against ProSkills. It was one of the best individual performances I saw in my four days. He took over offensively, showing great success penetrating off the dribble and handles the ball well when picking up speed. He’s very reactive to the defense when attacking and is a crafty finisher. He’s not real explosive, finishing below the rim and although he shot a respectable 37.5% 3PT%, it’s an area he can improve consistency as he’s shooting 30.6 3PT% on the EYBL season. In his 3 games, Foster averaged 28.3 points on 56.1% FG%, 75% FT%, 5.7 rebounds, and 4.7 assists to 1.7 turnovers per game.


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