Early Surprises

The MVP of the draft goes to Rob Pelinka, Dion Waiters’ agent. He managed to turn a "mid first round talent" on the court into the 4th pick overall without working out or interviewing with anyone. The Cavs seemed to have gone with the hottest prospect entering the draft whether they liked him all along or ten minutes before the pick. The hype was pretty high for a guy who scored 20 points only three times in two years at Syracuse. Thomas Robinson seems to present a similar upside with less risk. We were surprised the Cavs went with Waiters at #4.

Not that we disagree with the selection, but Austin Rivers seemed pegged at #8. The Raptors kept their interest in Terrence Ross under wraps, so congratulations to them on getting the guy they targeted.

Houston kept all their picks! That’s a surprise for sure. I guess they’ll just trade them in a few weeks?

Midround Thoughts

The Dion Waiters pick reminds me of the feeling you get when your friends all like a girl who you weren’t sold on. But you want her anyway to spite them.

I was shocked when Houston took Jeremy Lamb, or Kevin Martin 2.0, the Rockets’ starting shooting guard. Assets, assets, assets though. That’s what it’s about when you’re looking to reel in a fish like Dwight Howard. I wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall when Martin and Lamb battle in practice. That is if either are still there in two weeks.

It should be interesting to see how the Hornets use Austin Rivers and Eric Gordon. I’m willing to bet they attempt to try Rivers at the point, using that quick first step to break down a defense.

Best Fit: Damian Lillard

Portland needed a floor general who can score and create with balance. Lillard will have the chance to earn immediate minutes, with Raymond Felton and Jamal Crawford both on the way out.

Worst Fit: Kendall Marshall

Really didn’t like what Phoenix did here. If this was an attempt to replace Steve Nash, they will be awfully disappointed. And it’s not like they made it easy on the kid. Marshall’s top passing targets will be… Grant Hill? Channing Frye? Marcin Gortat? This will not help the transition process, especially considering he played with guys like Barnes, Zeller and Henson at the college level. I thought Moe Harkless was the pick here, someone with big upside if given time to develop. It’s not like Phoenix is going anywhere soon.

Biggest Slips:

#17 Tyler Zeller

Thought he should have went earlier. I didn’t think Portland was in position to take a chance on Meyers Leonard. If they wanted to go big, Zeller seemed like more of a sure thing. But Leonard obviously has much more long term potential.

#27 Arnett Moultrie

I’m still not sure why he slid so far. Unlike Perry Jones who doesn’t have one core strength, Moultrie led the SEC in rebounding and gets up and down the floor. An elite athlete at 6’11, Moultrie is my steal of the night.

#28 Perry Jones: We knew his stock was slipping. I’m just not sure anyone thought it might have been out of the first round. OKC was happy to clean up others’ mistakes, and grabbed lottery upside at the back first round.

Top Second Round Picks

#42 Doron Lamb

We’ve been bullish on Lamb all along and due to bad workouts he fell into the second round. Scouts were ripping him to shreds before the draft. "At Chicago Combine, it was like he didn’t care." said one scout. He sure seemed to care during the season, and his high school and college career made a lot of believers.

#35 Draymond Green

This is exactly the type of player Golden State needed, at least at this point in the draft. A physical, no non-sense glue guy who will find his teammates when they’re open and consistently crash the glass.

#55 Darius Johnson-Odom

This is great value for where he was taken. DJO should be a rotation player at the next level, and provide a bench with reliable backcourt depth who can make shots and D up. There’s minimal upside, but that’s not what teams are looking for this late in the draft.

Biggest Reach: #26 Miles Plumlee

The Pacers ended up acquiring the 36th pick. They could have probably taken Plumlee there. Instead, they passed on Arnett Moultrie and Perry Jones. I don’t think they were in position to pass up on this type of upside.

Steal: Arnett Moultrie

It has to be Moultrie. Awesome physical attributes and legitimate talent, Moultrie averaged 15 points and 10 rebounds, hit the few threes he took at a 44% clip and shot 78% from the stripe. He’s got a ton of potential as an off the ball contributor, and presents a glowing target for his guards in transition.

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  1. okc

     perry jones has one of those best of a worst case scenario and he also has no pressure of changinga franchise but can excell as a starter in place of thabo sefalosha(who i think should be a 3rd string option which makes harden either the first or the second option)

  2. How the hell do these dudes

     How the hell do these dudes speak so disrespectful of Dion Waiters. Calling him a midround talent, distorting his numbers. Grow up man. They get like defensive little chIldren when they are that wrong. Its pathetic. 

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