How have the workouts been
going so far?

They’ve been going real good, I’ve been doing real well in all
my workouts, and I’ve been getting real good feed back from teams.


Marcus Thornton


What teams have you worked out for?

I’ve worked out for so many teams, New Jersey, New Orleans to name a few. In
total I’m going to be working out for 15 teams so it’s been pretty tough with
all the traveling going all over the place, but it’s been fun.

Where do you workout regularly when your not working out for

Usually I work out in Chicago,
that’s where I’m at now. I’m usually in the gym by
about 7 or so, and then I get my workout in there, and after that I
hit the weights. Usually I get all my work in by about 1 or 2
and I have the rest of the afternoon free.

What kind of feedback have teams been giving you?

A lot of teams have been giving me great feedback. I had a really good workout
the other day in New Orleans and they really liked me, but overall everyone
has said good things. People have been saying that I’m just a scorer, nobody
really thought I could handle the rock, but I think I’ve proved that in my workouts
that I can do both.

Who is the toughest player you’ve gone against in the
workouts, anyone standout to you?

Courtney Fells from N.C. State, he’s a guy who’s not
to high on a lot of people’s draft boards but from the times I’ve
played against him he impressed me a lot.

Whose game would you compare yourself to right now?

Ben Gordon, he can score the rock, I can score the rock, he’s a strong guard
and so am I. I see a lot of similarities in our games.

What would you say is more nerve wrecking, working out
in front of all these scouts and GMs or playing in the NCAA tournament game
in front of thousands of people with your season on the line?

Man…. I’m going to say that I think playing in all these workouts is more
nerve wrecking, just because this is my life. Every workout I have has got millions
on the line, If I do good, then I’m going to get a better contract, if I impress
the right person then I can get drafted higher. In the tournament there is a
lot of pressure to do good, but it’s still college. These workouts are my job
now, Basketball is how I am going to make a living and support my family, so
I have to do good now.

Did you like the way the
combine was set-up? Or would you rather have it back to the way
it used to be where guys could actually play 5 on 5?

The combine was just testing and questions pretty much. There were some shooting
drills and stuff like that, but nothing too tough. I’m a competitor, so I want
to go against the best guy every day, I would like the 5 on 5 system just so
we can get out there and play, but it’s whatever really, I’m just happy to be
in this position. This is a dream for me.

What do you feel your strengths
are, and what do you think you can bring to a team right now?

I look at myself as a combo guard, I can score the ball,
I can post up against other guards, and I can handle the rock. I think my ability
to compete is also another thing I bring to the table. I’m not going to give
up at all, I just see myself as an overall player who will do what it takes
to win the game.

If you could choose a team
to get drafted by, who would it be?

At this point, I don’t
really mind, I just want to get drafted by somebody. This is my
dream to play in the NBA and being able to support my family and having
them around will be real nice. Of course I would like to be in
New Orleans because I’m from Louisiana but I really don’t mind,
I don’t mind going to any team.



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