Khris Middleton Interview

Tue, 07/12/2011 - 8:54pm

Khris Middleton is a 6'7 SG/SF with a 6'10 wingspan. Middleton has had a solid career thus far at Texas A&M and has had a solid summer at the Nike Skills Academies. Given Khris's ability to score and his desire to put on some additional weight between now and next year he should contend for Big 12 Player of the Year along with KU's Thomas Robinson. Last week at Lebron James Skills Academy I got a chance to learn more about a prospect I have been closely monitoring since last year.

Khris MiddletonKhris You performed well at Kevin Durant Camp a few weeks ago, what was that experience like?

Khris Middleton: I loved being able to compete against the best wings in the country. It helped me get a good feel for how I match up against them and being able to pick Kevin's brain was a great bonus. What has your experience at the Lebron James Skills Academy like and how was it different from the Kevin Durant camp?

Khris Middleton: Lebron camp was great because in addition to being able to compete against the best forwards we also got to play with the point guards and bigs. There was so much talent there It was great to get out there with other great players and Lebron and just get after it. Im really looking forward to implementing some of the things that I learned this summer into my game this fall. There was some speculation that you would enter the 2011 draft after a solid season at Texas A&M. What considerations did you make when deciding whether or not to stay in school or move on to the NBA?

Khris Middleton: I thought about what my team and I have accomplished in my first 2 seasons and I had to consider whether that was enough. Ultimately I felt as though I still had some things left to accomplish on the college level before I turned pro. I want to get stronger, improve on my overall game so that I'm best prepared to contribute to an NBA team if and when I'm fortunate enough to become an NBA player. What do you bring to an NBA franchise?

Khris MiddletonKhris MiddletonKhris Middleton: I think I bring a professional approach to the way that I prepare and how I carry myself on and off the court. I love the game of basketball so much and I would never take being a professional player for granted. Im a sports management major so I'm learning more and more about what franchises expect from players. I think my positive habits will allow me to have a good pro career and become a coach or work in a front office later on in life. What NBA player would you compare your game to?

Khris Middleton: I can't really compare myself to any pro's because I haven't made it to the NBA but my favorite players are Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant. I study alot of film and watch old Michael Jordan, Kevin, Kobe and try to learn as much as I can from those players because they are so good. What are your team/individual goals for next season?

Khris Middleton: Well I would like for us to win the Big 12 and make a deep run in the NCAA. Individually I would like to become a better and more vocal leader and I want to become a better defender. I think becoming a better overall defensive player will make us an even better team and put us in a nice position come March.

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Sounds like a humble and

Sounds like a humble and smart dude. Good luck this season!

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I love Middleton's game and

I love Middleton's game and hope for him to be great, even as a fan of a team in the Big12! Really smooth player and he plays a very team-oriented game and lets the game come to him. Glad to see him getting attention after such a good year last season.

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