Avery Bradley

The Senior class of 2009 is extremely strong and talented led
by Derrick Rose clone John Wall and consisting of a bevy of long, talented
forwards including Derrick Favors, John Henson and DeMarcus Cousins, and hard
charging combo guard Avery Bradley.

While it may lack the sheer talent and depth of the 2007 class that consisted
of Rose, Beasley, Mayo, Gordon and others, it is not far off in talent and it’s
considerably stronger than the 2008 class (Mullens, DeRozan, Evans and Monroe).
This 2009 class could legitimately put 6 players in the lottery, one and done.

Avery Bradley

Bradley has been the biggest riser on recruiting rankings moving all the way to
#1 on some lists.

After moving from Tacoma Washington’s Bellermine Prep to Findlay Prep, Bradley
led the Las Vegas based Prep team to an undefeated record and the high school
national championship, topping powerhouse Oak Hill Academy to calim the title.

Despite being just 6-foot-3, Bradley is primed to be an instant impact freahman
at Texas and potentially develop into a one and done lottery pick. He’s already
a top notch defensive stopper with the ball skills to get to the rim and finish
as well as a tremendous stroke from the perimeter.

Bradley plans on working on his point guard skills and becoming a combo guard
at the college and pro levels. Despite lacking the prototypical height of classmate
(6’6) Xavier Henry, Bradley has leapfrogged him in the rankings due to better
quickness, foot speed and explosiveness.

Bradley has improved as much as anyone at the high school level over the past
year and has a bright future at both the college and pro levels.

Class of
2009 High School (Final) Rankings


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