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    Visual Impact Muscle Building is designed to help both men and women achieve a thin, fit body, without huge muscle build up. The goal of the program is to lose body fat and increase muscle density, without increasing the size of the muscle. If this is the look that you desire, then this program will work for you. The program is not a cookie cutter routine that you have seen all over the place. It offers a unique program that targets specific areas of the body that you want to change.

    Written by Rusty Moore, a professional fitness consultant with many years of experience, the Visual Impact Muscle Building system is a 6 month muscle building training program designed to assist you gaining muscles in a method that creates a sharp body with hard, full muscles.

    In his training program Rusty Moore uses a totally different approach to muscle building than many of the other programs out there at the moment and his muscle building program is based on a detailed 3 phase plan.

    The very first phase which cuts down on the unnecessary mass from the body and improving the muscles. The 2nd phase where the muscles that are enhanced within the first phase from the process are hardened. The 3rd phase concentrates on growing the density from the muscles. It has an extensively detailed three phase plan, and each phase builds upon and develops on the information given in the previous phase, thus resulted in an all round solid physique.

    While trying to gain muscles fast, there is always a great risk of developing untargeted muscle, making one look unnecessarily bloated and bulky. This is usually the result of the advice of concentrating on the ‘Big 3’ lifts, which are squat, deadline and bench press. These muscle building strategies can often lead to an unwanted physique.

    In general, there are two kinds of muscle growth, which are – Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy, which is caused by the increase of fluid, or sarcoplasm, in a muscle, which increases the size but doesn’t make the muscle significantly stronger. The other growth is called Myofibrillar Hypertropy, which is the actual muscle fiber growth, where it actually strengthens the muscle fiber without adding a ‘puffy’ appearance to it.

    To get a good physique through muscle building workouts, a low body fat is important, but it is not the only factor. The Visual Impact Muscle Building Program course is a great course that tackles several concerns that people have, and provides the ideal workout methods in order to get stunned body, especially if one is going for the lean, “hip” look, as opposed to simply being bloated with puffy muscles or with under defined muscles.

    The 72 page course provides advanced techniques in gaining muscles, focusing on creating a sharp physique with full muscles and without any excessive mass. Instead of simply rehashing old techniques and methods that people are already aware of, the Visual Impact course provides fresh information that is very useful.

    The course manual is complete and easy to understand, and Rusty Moore makes it an entertaining read with his stories and personal experiences as a Hollywood trainer, and how he finally discovered the revolutionary concepts that make up this new muscle building system.

    If you have the goal of getting lean, strong, and attaining a Hollywood body then with your own consistent workouts and dedication to a simple healthy eating plan the Visual Impact Muscle Building course is the only one that will, without a doubt, enable you to achieve it.

    Muscle Building Fast


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