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    I wouldn’t even call this mock 1.0, just one sentence for every team.

    1. Cavs – Harrison Barnes

    I’ll be one of the first (in about 4 months) to say Barnes will be the top pick, perfectly satisfying Cleveland’s need for a wing that can shoot the lights out and even defend.

    2. T-Wolves – Kyrie Irving

    They have about 10 lotto picks under age 24 meaning best prospect available, and Irving would make it easier for them to use Rubio’s valuable rights.

    3. Wizards – Derrick Williams

    Sullinger would have been perfect for Wall as a reliable/tough/hustling big; they’ll glady settle for Williams.

    4. Raptors – Jan Vesely

    I like Calderon as a good distributor that never turns the ball over and they have a loaded frontcouty, and Vesely is the perfect wing to grow with this young team.

    5. Kings – Kemba Walker

    A quick/explosive scoring PG who can also run a team, he’s exactly what Tyreke has needed for two years.

    6. Jazz – Brandon Knight

    Depth at guard and shooters are what the Jazz need most and Knight fits both descriptions.

    7. Pistons – Jonas Valanciuas

    Perfect fit next to Monroe, Pistons would love that tandem going forward.

    8. Cavs – Enes Kanter

    They know that they need to him a home run in this draft and Kanter is great value here.

    9. Bucks – Perry Jones

    Luckily they are good at the two most important positions (PG and C) so they can comfortably taking some risk, making the high risk/high reward PJIII worth it..

    10. Bobcats – Donatas Motiejunas

    They would die to get their hands on a franchise C and even though Motie is more of a pure PF, but Tyrus Thomas’ aggressiveness/athleticism/intensity would make them a good combo.

    11. Warriors – Tristan Thompson

    With a ton of scorers at the 1-4 they could use more size and intensity, so I’d take Tristan Thompson here.

    12. Jazz – Terrence Jones

    They’re stacked down low (Al, Millsap, Favors, Okur), and with AK’s contract winding up, I’d go with Jones.

    13. Suns – Jimmer Fredette

    Nash only has a couple years left in PHX at most, and Jimmer perfectly fits their playing style.

    14. Rockets – Marcus Morris

    They’re fairly deep at every position and I’ll think they’ll take someone NBA ready as they’re ready to be a playoff team and have a ton of young talents, and Morris (though similar to Patrick Patterson) is as ready as they come.

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    I’ll be one of the first (in about 4 months) to say Barnes will be the top pick, perfectly satisfying Cleveland’s need for a wing that can shoot the lights out and even defend.


    Good mock draft overall, but I’ve been saying Barnes should be considered for the 1st pick since the Clemson game in the ACC tournament

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     why do the Raptors need another wing in Vesely, they have Davis, Amir Johnson, Kleiza, Weems.

    Also I doubt TWolves draft Irving, Kahn seems like the ignorant type and I think he wants to prove to people he did right with Rubio.

    Kemba isn’t good in Sacremento, Tyreke  needs the ball in his hands to be affective, I like a guy like Alec Burks for them, he’d compliment Tyreke well and allow him to handle the ball.

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    I agree Reke needs the ball in his hands to be effective, but with the ball in his hands his production has dropped way off this year for someone that should be growing to become a superstar and the team is still abysmal. Yes they don’t have a lot of talent and they’re young but I really think someone like Walker is what they need to spark them, plus he’s a leader.

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     Very good lottery but a few comments. 

    • I just heard that Rubio is coming over next year and the Wolves are going to avoid drafting Irving at all costs. I do not like the idea and I would not advise it, but this is Kahn we are talking about here. Pretty crazy draft ideas and management of the team.
    • Even though the Raptors are trading Bargnani they still have a need at Center. I don’t think they will start Davis at Center next year. But Vesely is not a bad pick here. 
    • I don’t think MJ would pick Montie, he does not like softies. I really think that the Bucks will select Montie instead because him and Bogut would be a great combo down low. Remember they picked Yi earlier to fill that role and it did not work so they might try again with Montie. I’m expecting the Bobcats to take Vesely if he slips this far to fill the role of departed Gerald Wallace.
    • I don’t think that the Rockets would select another PF. They already have 3 why would they need a 4th? (Scola, Hill, Patterson) If Jonas slips to 14 by pure luck then they would take him otherwise they might try and select Leonard to fill the role that Shane Battier provided.
    • Derrick Williams is best fit at SF and he would be a good pick for two top 5 teams. Cavs, and Wizards. I think he is best prospect in this draft so naturally Cavs get him since they pick before the Wizards do. Wizards will have to settle for Barnes which isn’t really that bad if you ask me.
    • I still expect the Cavs to select a PG with the 8th pick. Baron won’t be their for very long and Sessions will not be starting once Baron does retire. He will probably be a backup so I would expect the Cavs to select Kemba with the 8th pick if he falls that far.
    • I don’t think Tristian Thompson is going in the lottery. And if he does nor do I think that the Warriors would select him. He is a 4 not a 5. He’s only 6’9 he aint playing the 5, and the Warriors already have a 4 in Lee. If Jonas is available at 11 they might take him or if not I’ve heard that the Warriors are planning on trading Monte Ellis in the offseason. Burks would be a good replacement for him.

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