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    Why does Tmac get so much hate? Because he is injured all the time? Because he can’t get out of the first round of the playoffs? Because he is not talented?

    It’s not his fault that his is injured all the time. He goes hard every night and does all he can and he comes out of it worse for the wear a lot of the time. At least he has heart. I personally think the microfracture surgery will (hopefully) keep him from getting injured so much. He has always had terrible knees and a bad back. Getting this surgery should fix both of those. He might not be as explosive as he was before but this is a guy that loves to face you up and hit a shot right in your face. He will still be quick enough to get around his man and take it to the hole, mainly because he has good length and ball control, but he will lose at least a step IMO. Yao has been injured the past 3 years too with leg injuries. Personally I think this is because he is so big and his body just takes a pounding all the time so it is hard to deal with. Battier was out early in the season with injuries too. Isn’t it time the training staff at Houston is called into question though? As far as I can remember McGrady was pretty durable until he got to Houston, and Francis and Mobley seemed to break down right after they left. Maybe this is just a coincidence or maybe not but it makes me wonder.

    I think it is sad that every time Tmac’s team doesn’t make it out of the first round it gets put on his shoulders and he is called out for not being a great player or a great leader. This man has the 5th highest ppg in the playoffs in NBA history and you’re knocking him because he apparently doesn’t try hard enough to win? That is bulls***. Furthermore WTF has Yao EVER done for you since he was drafted? In the 7 years since he was hailed as the “savior” to Houston he has been injured 3 times in the playoffs and until last year failed to get out of the first round as well. Last year he was great in the very first game against Portland and then he was underwhelming the rest of the way, that Rockets team was much better than any team Tracy has ever been on. Tracy has been up 3-1 once and 2-0 twice and still lost. I don’t think this is a knock on his greatness I just think it is sad. Both times he was up 2-0 he was spectacular the entire series and Yao had a few games where he really stunk. There was one game against Utah where Yao didn’t even have double digit points or rebounds. I mean, we are going to sit here and blame Tmac for not trying when your 7’6” center can’t even grab 10 rebounds? That’s pathetic. Also I think with the exception of maybe one time against Dallas Houston has been the underdog in every playoff series they have been in (by underdog I mean no homecourt advantage).

    I don’t think that you can say the Rockets are a better team without Tmac, or even a better team without Yao for that matter. Take 2 years ago for example when they won 22 games in a row, 11 without Yao. Everyone first said, oh they beat Boston without some of their guys, the lakers didn’t have Bynum, and so on. Then Rafer comes out and says hey, are we at full strength? We’re missing Yao did you forget about that? We have 41 year old Mutombo filling in for him (he was amazing btw). Then all the critics were like well maybe they should trade Yao. We won 11 games without him. Get a grip. Daryl Morey is not that stupid. Just because you win games without your star doesn’t mean they are expendable. It just means your team can pull together and fight night in and night out and continue to compete. That’s what a team is. Weren’t the Cavs something like 7-0 without LeBron 2 years ago? Do you think Danny Ferry was fielding trade offers for LeBron? Of course not. Tracy is still Houston’s best player, whether he is wearing a hospital gown or a Rockets jersey.

    And this trade rumor about Tmac going to the Knicks? Is that for real? There are a bunch of people on other blogs talking about the Knicks are taking Mcgrady for Eddy Curry, and either Jared Jeffries or Larry Hughes. Please tell me Houston is not that stupid. If you really do want to dump Tmac why would you take on bad contracts to do it? Wouldn’t you be looking for at least 1 decent player and cap relief and possibly a draft pick also? And wouldn’t you at least wait until the trading deadline to do it and see if he comes back as the old Mcgrady?

    Anyone have anything to add on this?


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