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    I remember when i 1st heard this song it was like 1984 or 86 something like that, i took my brother cassete & played this record for 1 year straight, oh well on to the thread.  How can the Nets become a contender in the East? Or better yet what pieces can they add to make the Playoffs next Year. I believe that to Keep DWill Happy they have to make a run @ the 5-8th seed next year, & that is a reasonable goal considering that @least 3 current playoff teams will be fighting to make make the Playoffs next year (Hawks/76er’s/Pacers).  They will have 17mill in cap room this summer. But with a Star-Less FA class they may have to look for teams willing to get rid of High-Priced Veterans(DGranger/SJax) & sign Plan B(i.e S.Battier) type of FA. 

    FA options The two FA’s they should go after are JR Smith & AK47. You have a young 25yr old SG in JR that can score. AK is a great help defender & great All-Around player, who played with DWill in Uth.  Other wings that can help DWill TPrince/JRichardson/JCrawford

    Trade Options: MJ wants to save $$$ & give the kids a chance to play so Captain Jax for 3mill in cash & future picks.

    I don’t believe Nets have enough ammunition to get Granger from Pacers/But if Rip is bought out Rip to Nets could be a decent pickup.

    The problem is NJ used all of its trading options for DWill.

    Now for the Bigs

    KHumpries25yrs old is this a player that will produce @ this rate well into a big contract, his # since DWill trade 15/15 rebs. After 3-4 months of Dominant play how much should he be paid?

    Other Options ZBo 29yr old/CLandry 28yrs

    This is the only year the Nets can spend $ because in ’12 Lopez is up for a Contract.

    So here are my thoughts. Please feel free to add yours.

    PG DWill

    SG. SJax(2yrs 20mill left on contract)JR Smith or Reduced bargain Rip/ JRichardson /2nd string AMorrow

    SF AK/sign CButler if he’s healthy to cheap deal

    PF K.Kardasin/Humphries/2nd string BWright

    C. BLopez/ JPetro.

    & Then in 2012 Get Howard in sign & trade for Hump/Kardasin/Lopez 

                         & then

    Move into Brooklyn Ready to Compete in the East In Nov 2012. Still No Sleep til Brookln

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     lol: K. Kardasin/Humphries…

    I’ve heard many times via rumors on ESPN that Dwight Howard wants to stay in Orlando. But I think Andrew Bynum would be a good replacement if Dwight does not want to leave. And he’d be a little cheaper than Howard. (I don’t think the Magic would accept that sign and trade. The Nets will probably have to trade most of their team again just like they did to get Dwill. 

    PS: Did you just think of AK because of the fact that the Nets owner is Russian? JK lol.

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    i believe AK played for his team in Russia, Hell now that i think about it I believe that the Nets Owner Owns all of Russia.


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