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    Metabolic Cooking is a guide that gives people the opportunity to learn how to eat to be able to burn fat. Too often people are led to believe that food must be tasteless and boring for it to be "healthy" and Metabolic Cooking allows people to still enjoy their healthy food. This is great for people who simply still want to enjoy life and not want to give up the joy of eating delicious food. This metabolic weight loss program is a great way to burn fat and at the same time still be able to gain muscle.

    It was designed by Dave Ruel and Karine Losier, a couple in real life and now partners in this new program. Dave Ruel is a bodybuilder who started offering nutrition advice for men who wanted to gain muscle mass and lose body fat. He became a successful author in that field and later decided to write a nutrition plan which is dedicated to fat loss. This is how the Metabolic Cooking was originated.

    Karine Losier assisted Ruel is his writing. Losier holds a Masters in Psychology and is instrumental in making the program right for women (bearing in mind that Ruel’s former clients were mostly men).

    Metabolic Cooking has two main parts:

    • A nutrition manual which provides general advice and guidelines on how to maintain a healthy diet which promotes a high metabolism and rapid fat burning.
    • Recipe collections – This is the main part of Metabolic Cooking and it makes the entire program very easy to use. There are over 160 recipes in this program and they range from breakfast, through meat and fish, to side dishes and vegetarian meals. In addition, you can also find healthy desserts in the plan.

    Metabolic Cooking consists of almost two hundred recipes which are formulated to help you lose weight. Each recipe is generated using particular mixtures of foods that work well together to assist you to burn fat. But many diet books do this; Metabolic Cooking goes a step further. Each of these recipes contains things that you’re currently very likely to have in your kitchen, so you won’t be running down to the grocery store to load up on "strange" foods that you have never heard of.

    The dishes are extremely varied. There are recipes for breakfasts (over 20!), lunches, dinners, snacks, smoothies, veggie dishes and more. You will find dishes like Choco-Peanut Butter Oat muffins and Hot Paprika Shrimp. The tasty recipes are intriguing enough that you won’t become bored with them. They’re also very tasty, which is something that many diet books seem to leave out.

    You will find enough tasty recipes in the program that you should be able to eat for weeks at any given time without duplicating any of them and even the most picky of eaters should be able to find plenty of dishes that suit their palate. None of the dishes are especially hard or time intensive to make, either.

    Metabolic Cooking Diet Plan is a weight loss program that focuses on how to boost metabolism for maximum fat burn. This is achieved in the program through timing meals and making sure each meal and snack is composed of the right types of food. With the recipe guide and included workout guide, this is a program that makes the steps to healthy weight loss easy to follow.

    Metabolic Weight Loss


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