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    Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers

    No player in the ncaa tourney likely did more for his draft stock than Juzang. Prior to the tournament he was probably viewed as a second round pick if he even entered this year. But after carrying UCLA into the final four and a near upset of Gonzaga, he has the potential to be a lottery pick. Not a great athlete, but knows how to score the ball. Moves exceptionally well off screens and is proficient at creating space. Deadly in the mid-range as well as from deep. He reminds me a little of rip Hamilton, although likely not quite the athlete rip was. I know it can be dangerous to get too hyped on prospects after one hot streak, but Juzang seems to have a skill set that should translate nicely. Where do you see his draft range and what do you think of him as an nba prospect?

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    I think he’s an exception like Donte DiVincenzo was that year. Imo he was a fringe prospect who should probably stay in school before the tourney. Now he could be a top 25 pick and that’s being modest.

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    Its a weak class outside of the top 5. Alot of raw prospects that never really lived up to the hype, and alot of wings that lack a second skill. Teams may just look at Juzang’s abilities to make shots and play efficient and see someone like Joe Ingles at the next level. I agree I think he’s a Top 25 pick and that’s being modest. Also think he would be a fool not to enter the draft.

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    Johnny Juzang was a highly touted prospect back 4 years ago being a top 15 player in his high school class going into his sophomore year then fell off after he left high school a year early to go to Kentucky where he barely played. Transferring to UCLA was the best thing he could have done getting back close to home and playing with multiple friends he grew up with. He has always reminded me of Kevin Martin since back in his early high school career. He has an NBA body and he just has a knack for scoring. I think he could be a late 1st rounder now whenever he declares. It wouldn’t surprise me if he takes advantage of good year, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if he goes back.


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