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     I’m sort of an eternal optomist when it comes to players I want to take that next step. Teams too.  These guys fooled me:

    The Clippers:  I thought they were legit.  I thought Blake would stay healthy and out Dreymond Dreymond without the nut kick. My bad.

    Gordon Hayward:  That guy starts playing like a star and I start telling my neighbor he’s turned the corner to legit franchise guy, then he lays three eggs in a row and looks like he is scared of the Warriors.  So wierd, he outworks most everyone in the league,  Has amazing skills, but still STILL, can’t seem to get over the little brother syndrome around the best.

    Bulls.  They are confusing.  

    Guys that have lived up to my personal hype:

    Rudy Gobert: This guy is the anti Gordon.  He beleives in himself and doesn’t back down from anyone.  He gets dunked on and gets right back up for more and dares guys to try it again.  He is only 22 yrs old.  Leades the league in FG%, is shooting 70% from the FT line and has figured out the screen, roll, lob deal.  Plus he defends for real, not for block stats like Whiteside.  He changes so many shots and deters so many guys that teams play different with him in the game.  Plus he can pass!  My favorite center in the L. 

    The Greek Freak:  As a Jazz homer I can only dream of what it would have been like had the Jazz picked him instead of Trey freaking Burke.  The lenghth!! Think of that linup for a minute. Gordon Hayward would have been the shortest guy on the floor!

    Anyway,  that guy (Greek Freak) would be my first pick today to start a franchise.  He can do everything better than almost everyone except shoot.  Sounds a lot like a guy named LeBron.  

    What do you think?  Give me some times you were fooled or your optomism was right on. 















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