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    Someone brought up rising and fallin stocks in the tournament and mentioned Maynor vs Collison so i thought a good thread would be top individual first round matchup. My ten best go like this
    10. Damian James vs Damian Johnson both Damains are very athletic combo fowards with James havin the offensive edge and Johnson the defensive
    9. Ben Woodside vs Tyshawn Taylor Tyshawn can put his name on the map as one of this years freshman to look out for in the coming years guarding one of the most underrated players in the country while Woodside could put his name in the 2nd round discussion
    8. Lee Cummard vs Josh Carter both seniors showing that last stuff both dead on shooters with great length
    7. Tyrese Rice vs Daniel Hacket Rice has had some huge games this season and Hacket is a big physical guard who is very underrated
    6. Jon Brockman vs Jarvis Varnado If Brockman shows he can work against one of the most long athletic bigs and best shooter in the nation he has a shot at the 2nd round while Varnado as lottery potential if he shows he can score outside of his pure atheliticism
    5. KC Rivers vs Manny Harris Manny is very inconsistent KC Rivers can show he can be a nba defender that can knock down 3s
    4. James Anderson vs Tyler Smith Anderson is a scoring machine but it would not help Smith testing the waters if he has a good showing
    3. Luke Nevill vs Jordan Hill Hill could be a top 3 pick with a good game or two, with a good showing against Hill Nevill will most likely get drafted
    2. James Harden vs Dionte Christmas Christmas is inconsistent but shows up in big games while Harden has a chance to show he can defend a nba size 2
    1. Darren Collison vs Eric Maynor winner of this matchup will be the top senior pg unless Price wins a championship

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    That collison v maynor is gonna be a good matchup but I suspect that Ben Howland will put Holliday on maynor

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    Did anyone notice that Arizona have Two Guys ranking in the top ten and if Brandon Jennings went to Arizona. Arizona would have Three guys ranked in the top ten, maybe they would of been the best team College today…

    anyway, Blake Griffin and Tyler Hansbrough Match up will be a good one if they meet up in the Elite-8

    My teams in the Tourney are Memphis, Oklahoma, Pittsburgh and Wake Forest

    West – Memphis
    Mid-West – Wake Forest
    North – Pittsburgh
    South – Oklahoma

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    We all want to see the dream matchups u know like hansbrough vs grifin and maynor and collison but these coaches wont let it happen. If there is a chance that their star player will get in foul trouble they wont risk it. we may see a lil bit of the matchup but not a whole game worth

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    Arizona had much more potential this year than the record shows. If you followed them like I have you would know that 7 of their losses were 2 or less point losses. Also there is a player that is not in the mock draft that might be come draft time, Nic Wise, he is one of the up and coming point guards who is not well know because of lack of playing time. His freshman year did not get much time unlike Hill and Budinger, because of Mustafa Shakur who was a star point guard at the U of A. and then in his sophomore year he did not get much playing time due to the fact that Jared Bayless was there. So this year now that he has had playing time he has really exploded more or less with over 15 points a game, 42 percent 3 point% as well as 6 assists a game. He is an unknown but if he were to enter the draft he would be a good steal for a team.


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