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     Hey guys. Long time watcher here, have enjoyed all the discussions on here and cracked up at a fair bit of the stuff as well. Im from New Zealand, am a highschool coach here and love the game. Being from New Zealand, since its a small country it is pretty easy to spot our top highschool prospects, for example just a couple of months ago I was watching Jack Salt play at nationals, have chatted to Isaac Fotu when he played at my church tourney (sad guy played in a family team in mixed A-grade), seen Steven Adams around, thats just how New Zealand is. Everyone is pretty chilled out and at the same time no one really hassles the celebs here so they feel free to walk around and chill, although it can be easy for the basketball players since basketball is still gaining ground here with rugby being king. 

    But anyway, just for my first post, I would like to mention this guy called Shaka Riddle. He is year9 here which means he is 13 years old. He has played against the team I coach a couple of times, have chatted to him a couple of times, hes a chilled out kid with massive hands. Stands around 5’11 but at 13 hes still got heaps of growing left in him. We dont have mixtapes or anything here in NZ so here just a video of him dunking taken from the New Zealand Basketball Academy that he trains and plays with, same place Adams trained at. Enjoy 🙂




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