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    Who’s the better player now and longterm?

    Okay so I’ve got some thoughts on this one…First of all I’m not surprised. Thought the best players in the draft were Cade, Evan and Scottie. I liked Green as well but just as a high volume scorer. But then at the beginning of the season it turned out Cunningham is only 6’6 in shoes and he lost 20 pounds switching to a vegan diet. Was never high on Suggs, had Giddey higher… But anyways about Mobley and Barnes…

    With Mobley you have a player who really has the fundamentals of the game perfected. He knows what spots to be on the floor, how to play off the ball, find open spots to be a target on lobs or how to slip off PnR’s to get easy shots off and brings the stability of 10 year vet to the Cavs. He really is the perfect off the ball big right now as he makes the game so difficult as a lob threat and spacing the floor as a perimeter threat. If you don’t close out on him he sticks the jumpshot, if you close out before he gets the ball he dives and becomes a lob threat which can break down a defense and on the catch he can put the ball on the floor and attack. Hes so good easily the best rookie right now, I watched him destroy the Raptors schemes and just negate our gameplan and it was very clear what he is capable of is unstoppable. However he needs to add strength and is a bit light to play Center fulltime and he sort of lacks that intensity you usually see from your best player. I feel like he should be more aggressive and should be dominating. He’s kind of like Duncan in that manner, how much of it is calculated like Tim and how much of it is him differing or being passive? I have no problem comparing him to Tim Duncan though thats how good he is.

    On the other side Barnes midrange game is developing fantastic. Very surprising. He’s had some Carmelo Anthony like moments in the mid range however the three point shot is not there. How much of this is mental? Remains to be seen but if he can do what he is doing in the midrange from behind the line in the future he’s gonna be an MVP candidate. Defensively he is elite mano a mano. Doesn’t matter what position, all 5 whether its an iso, high post, low post you probably don’t want Scottie on you. However he really struggles on making the right decisions as to when he should switch, when he should fight through screens and especially reading when his teammates prefer to switch or fight through screens. Alot of this is because those big contract guys on Toronto won’t switch onto the Center even if they should. But even so Barnes loses guys in transition, on backcuts and drifting to different spots on the three point line often. He watches the ball and wants to go to it to stop it. It’s very noticeable and all 30 teams should be well aware at this point. Scotties really put the work in on strength and conditioning, he bullies NBA Centers on a regular basis. This is not an exaggeration. Toe to Toe with Drummond, no problem. Pushing around Sabonis with ease. Flipped Jarrett Allen over his head. While he is an outstanding athlete Scottie does not have the same effortless athleticism as Mobley as of right now. I think he is still getting adjusted to his muscle mass. His conditioning is inconsistent. He gasses himself out and plays until he is dead tired and ends up with no lift finishing around the rim, contesting shots, shooting jumpers etc. His ballhandling is outstanding especially for his size but his first step is not.

    Also both of these guys can just play the game. Ballers. I really think they both have the tools to be MVP candidates. I genuinely feel that way about both players. Right now I definitely give Mobley the edge, but I think Barnes just has the personality and the team behind him to end up the better player longterm.

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    Both are studs in my eyes, but I rather have Scottie Barnes and he gets the slight edge because of his versatility in todays NBA.

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    I feel the same way as in they’re both studs. Long term give me Mobley though. Both players are pretty versatile imo.

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    OH YEAH!! Congrats to Evan Mobley for Surpassing Anthony Bennett on the Cavs All Time scoring List..Mobley has 218, Bennett had 217!

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    Mobley was much more touted and having a big man to build around was always the way forward. But I like Barnes too and I think he can make the Raptors his team in due course he does a bit of everything. But it will be a fun ROY contest.


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