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    They are built to last too. Stephen Curry all the way!

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    Well done GSW with a 4th title in 8 seasons and possibly their most impressive as it was their first finals for 3 years and a lot of the core players are now well into their 30’s. It is almost like the band has been put back together for one glorious reunion run with Klay finally back playing and Iggy back on the roster too.

    Iggy, Steph, Klay and Draymond all getting their forth title was a big moment and I wonder if that could be a nice point for Iggy to bow out given he is 38 now. Although some of the key players are in their 30’sthe team still has a few more years to run. Steph is playing as well as ever, Klay is looking sharp and like Steph his game can be enduring. Plus those 2 years out have saved his body from 2 years playing time so could get it back towards the end of his career. Draymond does what Draymond does best the heavy lifting and defensive work for the shooters.

    But the warriors have a good yiung crop of players coming through too Jordan Poole has been excellent and developed getting more playing time when Klay was out and Poole Party can help the Splash brothers watch their minutes and extend their careers. Kuminga played a useful role in his debut season and is an NBA champ as a teenager also he is potentially being groomed to be Draymond’s longterm replacement.

    James Wiseman if they get him back and sound could also be a huge factor in years to come too.

    Shoutout to Kevon Looney an unsung player but now a 3 time NBA champion. First titles for Andrew Wiggins who whilst he hasn’t reached the heights some hoped has had an excellent and lucrative NBA career and is still only 27. A similar first title for Otto Porter Jnr also a very high pick and after a couple of injury hit and disappointing seasons could have started drifting around and out of NBA but was a useful contributor across the regular season for the Warriors.

    The teams big decisions this summer are a likely extension for Poole and then you have Wiggins as an FA next summer. Looney, Porter and Nemanja Bjelica are immediate FAs this summer along with Iggy. I’d figure Looney there would be a big push to keep but it could depend where Wiseman’s recovery is and what terms Looney wants but I’d think as a key running mate to the Superstars I’d think GSW would really want to keep him. Likewise Iggy although 38 and moving further down the bench he has been part of all their titles the big names may push him to remain about. Ideally I’d like to see Iggy get a coaching, mentor role with the team and if it was ever required he could take a short term contract later in the season.

    OPJ is 5 years younger than Bjelica and played a bigger play off role so I’d figure OPJ would be ahead of him in who they look to retain. A lot could depend what sort of offers OPJ gets and whether Iggy wants to play on depending who they keep. Also other good veterans looking for a ring will have GSW high on their destination lists.


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