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     Ok I have a plan for the knicks. If he Clippers are really intrested in a Blake for Carmelo swap I’m immeidately saying yes and getting Blake. KP is nothing we have ever seen, he’s a mix of a better Dirk, who has extreme bounce and size. He is the ultimate stretch big that you make in a science lab.The kid is gonna be a 10 year plus all star and I truly believe that. Blake is young still, and KP is an animal. TAKE THIS DAMN TRADE NEW YORK LISTEN TO ME. Blake has had injury issues the past 2 years. Get him sit him for the rest of the year, rehab him and let him get his bounce back and get comfortable again. You tank the rest of the year, trade D Rose. Someone is gonna be an idiot and try to get D Rose, trade him for someone young and promising. Tank the season because y’all aren’t winning this year, this draft is the best since the D wade Melo draft. The bets player in the draft hasn’t even played much this year and will have to rehab for a bit (Harry Giles). You tank and get a top 5 pick and pick a Point Guard which is a good time for that, or someone like Josh Jackson. Thats me if i’m the knicks.


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