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    It’s about that time for this month’s big boards. (Or mock drafts if you want to add one) Please feel free to post where you’re at with your big board or mock atm. Right now, I got a top 100. First 58 I have an extended big board. Then I rounded up the rest of the top 100 prospects. A lot of prospects I’m guessing go back to school with the NILs. This big board is some based on how I project the rest of the year and some based on intel and the way prospects seem to be trending. Anyways, hope you enjoy the read…

    Tier 1
    Victor Wembanyama – France – Best prospect in this class, most hyped-up prospect since LeBron. He’s the surefire top pick.

    Tier 2
    Scoot Henderson – GLeague – From strictly a basketball standpoint the gap between him and Brandon Miller has tightened. Scoot needs to show up and play well to prove otherwise after the poor performance.

    Tier 3
    Nick Smith – Arkansas – He’s back and hasn’t lost a beat. If Nick Smith didn’t get injured he’d be higher on more big boards consistently.

    Brandon Miller – Alabama – smh. Well maybe it wasn’t his fault, but being linked even indirectly to a murder scene isn’t good.

    Amen Thompson – OTE – This twin is slightly more athletic and handles the ball better.

    Ausar Thompson – OTE – This twin has a slightly higher floor, plays better off ball and on the defensive end.

    Tier 4
    GG Jackson – South Carolina – The youngest talent in the draft has been quietly showcasing on a bad team.

    Cason Wallace – Kentucky – The best pure point in this class. He has special defense and can shoot the rock.

    Anthony Black – Arkansas – Seems like he can be serviceable at either backcourt position. He gets to the free throw line at a high rate too.

    Keyonte George – Baylor – Good decision maker and a good bucket getter. Streaky shooter brings it enough on defense.

    Jarace Walker – Houston – Can work on his shooting range but does about everything else well. Very tough defender.

    Tier 5
    Gradey Dick – Kansas – Like I’ve said before, best pure shooter in the draft. Smart overall player and a sneaky good athlete.

    Cam Whitmore – Villanova – He’s strong and can really jump up for the dunk. His shot isn’t bad but can improve. He can bring it more defensively and lacks a bit of agility comparative to other prospects.

    Jett Howard – Michigan – Very solid player in iso situations. Possesses a good handle and a nice touch and just good range. Defense is a work in progress, especially off ball.

    Taylor Hendricks – UCF – He could work on his handle a little bit. Otherwise, Taylor Hendricks does everything good on both ends. Good but not great.

    Brice Sensabaugh – Ohio State – On a bad Ohio State team, Sensabaugh is the bright spot. His overall game for a wing is good, but if he lost a little weight he could have maybe some burst.

    Tier 6
    Dariq Whitehead – Duke – Slowly as the season goes on he showcases flashes of what he can do despite that lousy start.

    Dereck Lively – Duke – His shot hasn’t really been on display, will be interesting to see if it’s legit. His defense is definitely legit.

    Kyle Filipowski – Duke – One of the top shooters in the draft, something handy for a guy with his size. He can create a little too.

    Noah Clowney – Alabama – Shot isn’t bad but can improve. Noah Clowney is known for his rebounding and defense.

    Rayan Rupert – France – Shot is funky (it goes in though), but he’s long and a menace on defense.

    Tier 7
    Jalen Hood-Schifino – Indiana – Good at setting up a play off the pick and pop. Not a great shooter or athlete or defender and will be 20 on draft night.

    Kris Murray – Iowa – Gets it done enough on the defensive end and has a nice stroke. Prototypical stretch 4 in today’s game.

    Colby Jones – Xavier – Needs to improve his free throw shooting. Not many holes in this guy’s game though.

    Tristan Vukcevic – Serbia – A late bloomer, he’s improved in about every asset of his game. Has a very solid shot.

    Sidy Cissoko – GLeague – This kid is young, raw and is a big-time athlete. He has shown some improvement over the season.

    Leonard Miller – GLeague – Although I want to see more, his game is finally starting to click. I can see him plugged in about any lineup too.

    Bilal Coulibaly – France – Young, raw, good tools and showcasing well lately. His stroke can still improve.

    James Nnaji – Nigeria – Young and raw player with good defensive upside. He hustles and rebounds.

    Tier 8
    Maxwell Lewis – Pepperdine – Can play off ball pretty well but turns the ball over more than we want. Needs to improve defensively.

    Terquavion Smith – NC State – A light weight player with a good stroke. Brings it defensively every night. Can improve consistency and setting up an offense.

    DaRon Holmes – Dayton – Tough rugged defender and rebounder. Can improve his shooting range some.

    Mouhamed Gueye – Washington State – He out works about any opponent he faces. The issue is he can’t shoot.

    Julian Strawther – Gonzaga – The shot isn’t the prettiest, but it undeniably goes in at a high rate.

    Trayce Jackson-Davis – Indiana – This guy does everything but shoot the rock from long range.

    Jalen Wilson – Kansas – His long range can improve a little. He turns the ball over too much. Has a nice handle for a 4. Has a knack for the basket.

    Marcus Sasser – Houston – Brings it defensively and has solid range. He’s the leader of arguably the best team in the nation.

    Mojave King – GLeague – Good iso player with some good handles and range. Not the star but can be another scorer on the court.

    Tier 9
    Emoni Bates – Eastern Michigan – Great iso player. Whether he can play within a team setting is still a question. Needs to improve passing and defense. Has good shooting range.

    Brandin Podziemski – Santa Clara – A bit of a jack of all traits master of none. Does everything well, lacks the eye-popping test.

    Kobe Bufkin – Michigan – Perhaps the highest riser on my boar, he brings it on the defensive end.

    Oso Ighodaro – Marquette – Quietly rising on boards. Can improve his jumper but does everything else well.

    Eric Gaines – UAB – A super athletic combo guard. He needs to let the game come to him, forces his game a bit.

    Tucker DeVries – Drake – A great pure shooter who knows how to get open.

    Ricky Council IV – Arkansas – Maybe he was asked to do to much when Smith was out, but he’s an undeniable athlete.

    Mike Miles – TCU – A bit undersized but does the pick and pop well and sets up an offense.

    Nae’Qwan Tomlin – Kansas State – A late bloomer, he’s showing improvement on his range and brings it on the defensive end.

    Branden Carlson – Utah – He can improve on some of his passes. Maybe his handle. Other than that, this dude destroys opponents’ bigs on the regular on both ends of the floor.

    Jalen Pickett – Penn State – Does everything well offensively. He’s a natural floor general. Can improve a bit defensively.

    Souley Boum – Xavier – Good range, solid defender. Not many holes in his game. Isn’t a great athlete.

    Tyler Burton – Richmond – Good shooter with good range, although stats don’t tell you this. He’s also great at cutting to the basket.

    Terrance Shannon – Illinois – Brings it on both ends of the floor. Needs to improve his shooting consistency.

    Kobe Brown – Mizzou – Plays hard defensively. Strong player with a nice shooting touch. Undersized for a 5, not exactly quick for a 4.

    Drew Peterson – USC – Does a bit of everything well, although he has room to improve his long-distance shooting.

    Jaylin Clark – UCLA – This prospect is 10 folds better than he was in years’ past. He plays good defense and is efficient.

    Jalen Slawson – Furman – This prospect just might be the best wing defender in this class now. He’s very versatile.

    Nikola Djurisic – Serbia – Not the best athlete but has a good overall game with nice shooting range.

    Juan Nunez – Spain – A young prospect with a bit of razzle dazzle to his game. One of the better passers of this draft class.

    Tier 10
    Khalil Shabazz – San Francisco
    Marcus Carr – Texas
    Justin Moore – Villanova
    Adam Flagler – Baylor
    Jelly Walker – UAB
    Joey Hauser – Michigan State
    Colin Castleton – Florida
    Kyle Lofton – Florida
    Oscar Tshiebwe – Kentucky
    Jaime Jaquez, Jr. – UCLA
    Keyontae Johnson – Kansas State
    D’Moi Hodge – Mizzou
    Kevin McCullar – Kansas
    Taevion Kinsey – Marshall
    Isaiah Stevens – Colorado State
    Aaron Estrada – Hofstra
    Jahmir Young – Maryland
    Hakim Hart – Maryland
    Jamarion Sharp – Western Kentucky
    Jacob Toppin – Kentucky
    Drew Timme – Gonzaga
    Jaelen House – New Mexico
    DeAndre Williams – Memphis
    Kendric Davis – Memphis
    Max Abmas – Oral Roberts
    Drew Pember – UNC Asheville
    David DeJulius – Cincinnati
    Landers Nolley II – Cincinnati
    Matthew Mayer – Illinois
    Jack Nunge – Xavier
    Osun Osunniyi – Iowa State
    Jamonta’ Black – Northwestern
    Ben Sheppard – Belmont
    Cam Shelton – Loyola Marymount
    Baylor Scheierman – Creighton
    Josh Oduru – George Mason
    Will Richardson – Oregon
    N’Faley Dante – Oregon
    Sam Sessoms – Coppin State
    Efe Abogidi – G League
    Roko Prkacin – Croatia
    Michael Caicedo – Spain

    …again many missing from the last big board due to prospects maybe going back to school, etc.

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    Forgot Jordan Hawkins somehow… he’s in tier 7. Probably the best prospect in the draft when it comes to playing off the ball.

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    Pretty much on the money as always Norrin, this is of course just how you rate the players as prospects and giving an idea where they may go in your mock draft it isn’t a mock as such and players from different tiers may swap places in Norrin’s draft depending on situation/team need.

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      So what’s your lottery big board look like atm? I know you mentioned something about how you’d rate the back of it the other day…

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    I never do a full draft mock until after the draft lottery as we don’t know who will be picking where but I’d have the following as my top 10 :-

    Brandon Miller

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    Big Board is usually what I do as well since it’s really hard to make a mock draft when the draft lottery hasn’t happened yet. With that being said here is my top 15 prospects so far (subject to change)

    Victor Wenbanyama
    Scoot Henderson
    Amen Thompson
    Brandon Miller
    GG Jackson
    Keyontae George
    Cam Whitmore
    Anthony Black
    Jarace Walker
    Jett Howard
    Cason Wallace
    Ausar Thompson
    Brice Sensabaugh
    Gradey Dick
    Jalen Hood-Schifino


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